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  1. I'm really hoping for Shooter McGavin, if he can ever win a Tour Championship and get the gold coat....he he he
  2. I agree, since I'm kinda old fashioned, I went with the Taylormade M2 5W. Not to fond of the hybrids, maybe just the old saying about not teaching old dogs new tricks or something.
  3. What gives better indication of real distances, outdoor range or indoor simulator? Scott
  4. I was fitted for the right length of clubs, lie, flex and grip size. I just used that to get a 2nd hand set of clubs that met all the fittings he gave me, irons and driver.
  5. I don't have lots of money and a thousand dollars for big time irons. I bought my driver and 3W used and the irons are game improvement. Scott
  6. They are Burner Irons, all my shafts are graphite with senior flex. I thought about a hybrid, but I just don't hit them that well. Maybe a 5W might be better, I just don't know yet. Scott
  7. I am coming back to golf after a nearly 9 year hiatus. I've been working with a local pro on my swing and he suggested I get fitted for proper clubs and replace all my standard clubs for properly fitted ones. I did and now I'm wondering if I have all I really need. Mind you I am not trying to make it on the PGA tour or become a scratch golfer, I'd be happy to break 90 some day. So here is what I have, I think this is fine for an amateur golfer playing about once a week. Thoughts? Driver and 3-wood M2 by Taylormade Irons 4 through PW also Taylormade SW at 56 degree and Gap Wedge
  8. I also focus on the back of the ball and concentrate on keeping my head still. Scott
  9. I took a whole 9 years off from golf, for a whole host of different reasons, but i'm excited to be back and playing again! Scott
  10. I'm coming back to the game after about a 9 year hiatus from golf. I spend about twice a week at the range now working to get my swing back, as well as working with a local instructor. I get about 80-100 balls and take an hour or so, that's really all I can handle before I get too tired. I would like to play more 9 hole actual golf games, but I lost all my golfing buddies long ago and I am afraid of playing with someone I don't know. I just prefer to play alone right now. Scott
  11. So after 9 years off the golf course, I have decided to try my swing once again. Hi all, I am from the far western suburbs of Chicago and recently joined as I want to get back into playing golf again. I played for many years from the mid-90s through about 2010, then gave up golf for a while. I was an OK golfer, mostly mid to low 90s scores. I played mostly in golf outings, fundraisers and political stuff like that. Then 2 things happened that caused me to quit. First, the wife and I had our first and only child in 2009, so not a lot of time to play anymore. Second, I was at a golf outing in 20
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