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  1. I'm back and ready to defend my aborted title run. Hope my Gmail notifications don't let me down again. I coulda' been somebody!
  2. All I have is the standard advice you will find on here. Create a swing thread and post some video. The feedback you get will be very helpful.
  3. It has been a while since I updated this. I never got any decent equipment to take a decent video so I stopped updating since it was tough to truly capture my swing properly. It's been a heck of a grind but I finally have my handicap under 20 for the first time in my life. Sitting at 19.5 and feel really good about most aspects of my game. My irons are really strong right now and I saw immediate improvement by removing my hybrid and going back to my 4 iron which I hit far more consistently than the hybrid. My primary struggle is still with my Driver but I have kept working on the tips you all gave me and things seem really cleaned up. It seems my biggest issue is just trying to kill the driver. When I do everything I was told and try to take an easy 80% swing I can get it out their just fine. When I try to cook it (without thinking really) I end up with big snap hooks or worm burner rolls. Even my bad driver days keep me in play now where it used to be OB left and right consistently. Thanks for all of the feedback and hopefully I can get a video up soon even if it is not expert. Antneye
  4. My phone got so screwed up and I stopped getting my reminders so I missed a whole string of events in a row. I'm just giving up for now and will join again next year. So pissed off. Too busy to remember without my reminders.
  5. I was up to the 100's overall and got my days confused and forgot to set a lineup this week. So pissed. Oh well. I dont think there is any way to recover. Huge mistake.
  6. It sucks, but it's really the only fair thing they could do. My roster was severely impacted by their error and I'm sure I am not alone on that front.
  7. Ugh....I got those withdrawal emails that went out by mistake and yanked DJ and Fowler from my lineup since the site said they had withdrawn. Not happy. Oh well.
  8. Played Emerald Lake in Mint Hill N.C. yesterday. It's a decent course that should allow me to shoot a high 80 low 90 if I am playing well, which I have been of late so I was looking forward to the round as a barometer of where my game is at. All in all I had a solid round and put up a 46-46 split. If not for a triple on the front and a quad on the final hole (hole 9 since we went out on 10) I would have shot high 80. Pro's: Driver continues to find the fairway or stay in play. This has been the single biggest challenge for me over the last two years that has hurt my game. Mechanics from my swing thread are vastly improved and is helping me to make more consistent ball strikes. Chipping and putting was solid all day long. I only lost one stroke that I can recall due to a duffed chip. Putting within 8' was spot on and distance control was great all day on my longer putts. Cons: Still can't avoid those handful of blowup holes that kill my score. Penalty strokes were a major issue for me, but they were mostly due to club selection rather than horrible swings. I ended up with a couple of holes where my approach shot went long and ended up lost. All in all I am extremely pleased with where my game is right now.
  9. I found it. It seems we get a bonus of 1/10th the players FedEx points earned if they are in your starting lineup on the final day.
  10. I have 50 bonus points for snedeker today. Anyone have a clue why?
  11. Never mind. It is the same now that the day is over. Rookie mistake.
  12. Can someone explain why my score is different if I filter on tournament vs. Segment vs. Season? Being the first tournament shouldn't they all be the same score?
  13. In. I fully expect to come in last place.....but this is golf so I am used to that.
  14. Antneye

    NHL 2018-19

    My Rangers will suck this year, but I'm pumped to watch the kids play. Rebuilding is fun when you don't do it every year like some perennial doormats.
  15. Yeah, I know. I keep trying to get my son to line up better but he is 16 and, well if you have kids you get it :). Just looked up tripods. Don't know why I thought they would be expensive. There seem to be fairly cheap options out there.
  16. I haven't read this whole thread, but if you haven't seen Rectify I highly recommend it. It is pure drama. Not much action. But it is extremely well written and totally engrossing. It had a 4 season arc that fully wrapped up the story in an extremely satisfying way. Sundance original available on Netflix.
  17. i'm sick and working from home so I got to watch most of the day. Tiger looked real good. Hope he can string three more together.
  18. I have really been trying to focus my work on getting my head to stop darting forward and down on the downswing. It was highlighted by @iacas in my very first swing a year ago and it has always been a focus but I am really trying to address it and only it right now. Here is a quick 7i from yesterdays session. I think it is much improved but still needs work, thoughts?
  19. I feel like I am finally starting to make some progress. My driver is getting better (but still erratic) and I am feeling nice about my iron play. Short game has gone to shit of late, but I'm not too worried about it as the long game has been what has been holding me back. I don't see much change in these clips other than you can see the axis tilt on my drive FV. It seems to have helped me make more consistent contact. My DTL view was a bad slice right so I decided to post that one to see what you all may see. It is still something that creeps into my swing. Bonus Footage of my 16 year old who is always out there working with me. His swing has come along nicely, although he is starting to fight his driver for some reason.
  20. Played Monroe Golf Club. Put up a 49-49 split. Dissapointing number, but very encouraging results. After making a double on one, I made a quad on the par three two thanks to a pulled drive, and two duffed chips that only moved two feet. Add in a three putt and my round was off to a horrible start. I got to three and decided to just forget the bad start and continue focusing on what I have been working on with my swing mechanics. I then went on to put up 13 straight holes of bogie or par (12 bogies) before fatiguing a bit to finish the last three holes double, double, quad. The quad on 18 was a lazy blocked drive that left me in trouble to the right and I just brain darted and made poor decisions which only compounded the trouble. So bottom line, bad start and finish but in between was 13 holes that were exactly what I am trying to do at this point as a 22 handicap. The swing is improving greatly. (oh, and I putted very well. If not for a second straight round of poor chipping I would have been at least 5-7 shots better)
  21. I'll try to join this next season. Looks like fun.
  22. Played Eagle Chase in Marshville NC. Amazing greens, treacherous rough around the greens. Put up a horrible 48-54 split but struck the ball well. I lost tons of strokes chipping around the greens. I just could not get my clubhead through the rough with any control at all. Three putts and horrible chipping just destroyed me. The worst hole was a quad on the par 3 12th hole. Just missed the green to the right, kicked off and down the hill and went into the water. Take my drop and my chip comes up short and rolls back to my feet. Chip again and two putt for a 7. Oh well.
  23. I got out and played yesterday and my son filmed one of my drives. The angles are not perfect, but I figured I'd throw this up. My contact with the Driver has been much better over my last few rounds and practice sessions. I still have a little OTT, but ever since throwing in some axis tilt the ball is flying off of my club. My primary swing thought has been feeling the load on my right instep, driving off of it to start the swing and trying to leave my arms behind when I start the downswing. I think this has been helping since I tend to just rotate and get my arms way out in front and cutting back across the ball. For some reason I stopped my follow through on this swing, but I don't tend to do that so I am just ignoring it (I don't need any more things going through me head 🙂 ). I scored horribly but I just had an off day around the greens. Tons of lost strokes on chips and putts. All in all I am feeling better than I have in a while off the tees. Irons have been much improved as well. Also, my head is still dipping, but much improved I think.
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