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  1. I find it almost impossible to believe that someone can seriously have this opinion. ^ The people who have died are not saying it's "no big deal". I mean.. are you serious? And please do not say that normal influenza is worse because it IS NOT. Covid -19 is more lethal by a very large order of magnitude. This isn't about how the virus makes you feel. It's about stopping the spread of something that could easily infect the majority of the world's population.
  2. Exactly. It does not happen. And if someone refuses to have their card marked, it sure as hell isn't a "tournament". Yep. Many years ago I was playing with a guy who told me the wrong score a couple of times. On the 13th hole (yep, still remember where it was even though it was 40 years ago), he tried it on again by "forgetting" a couple of shots that stayed in a fairway bunker. I said "Look you can tell me any score you like, but I'm marking your card and at the end of the round I might decide that I'm not going to sign it." That solved the problem very rapidly.
  3. There has never been a "stroke play tournament"where people mark their own cards. The card always has a space for the player and the marker to sign. It's not optional to play by the rules in what you call a "tournament". But..... given that this is your first post you might like to elaborate.
  4. I hope he is too. But the moment I read a report that says he shot x BUT gave himself this and didn't count that we know that he isn't. Just sayin'.
  5. How about you make sure that from hole 1 he understand that you are scoring properly. No gimmes or mulligans. If he says "par" when he means seven, call him out from the get go. If he scrapes a ball away from 2 feet ask him why he did it. If he tees up again after a crap drive, ask him what he's doing. He won't break 95.
  6. It seems like you're the only one who will be in a position to find out, given you say you're playing with him soon.
  7. The beauty of your First Amendment is that it allows people like Piercy to show the world who they really are WITHOUT being punished or censured by the government. Any other sanction or loss of entitlement is about other companies and people not wanting to be associated with such ideas or folk who can't think for five seconds before posting/saying/ tweeting /retweeting.
  8. They don't "drive" it 320. They always "pipe it", "smoke it", "stripe it" or "bomb it". The difference is subtle but significant.
  9. Obviously there can be no "right or wrong". His Holly Sonders and "Vegas Dave" thing is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I think he's hilarious. It's because his instructional videos are so similar to the real thing. "The Streak" is a work of genius.
  10. This is the sort of information that is really valuable and that most players rarely think about. At my course, there is a par 4 with a really long and narrow green with a mound to the right. If you drive into the trees and have no clear shot, you're better off being 30 yards short of the green than being 20 feet to the right of the green and pin high. Sensible course management can never be under-rated!
  11. Things these guys always say: "I drive the ball on average XXX yards." Things they NEVER say: " I kept tabs on my short irons over the last three months. I had 65 9 irons and full wedges and was on the green 43 times. I noticed that most of my misses were left." " Sometimes I think my short games is OK, but when I'm short-sided I really struggle to get the ball close. I always chunk it or hit it miles past the hole" " I feel like I hit my hybrids pretty solidly, but they balloon like crazy in the wind. I feel like I have really limited options into headwinds because I struggle to keep the ball low." "My bunker play is pretty crappy. I don't really feel like I know what I am doing and often leave my first shot in and only get close to the hole when I get lucky and it bounces off the bank" "I miss A LOT of putts inside three feet. What I notice is that these putts don't even hit the hole at all and they seem to be pushes. I lose confidence and no longer expect to make them." I have taken some time to point out WHY these threads are bogus. If you got info beyond "I average 2X0 yards" off the tee people might know where to start. THat's not being "nasty" or saying it can't be done. It is saying that with the current level of information, no -one has a clue, but the lack of detail implies a lack of knowledge and useful data that can be used to help him.
  12. Because it's always the same start and the same finish. Someone wants to put the cart before the horse. No one wants to improve or reach their potential or learn to correct their faults. They all want to get to scratch or turn pro or get to 10 from no handicap in 7 months. That's all well and good, but the responses are always similar too. "KJ Choi did it. Greg Norman did it. You can too." "Anything is possible." It depends on how much you want it." "I'd try for the Champions Tour but I don't have the time." Someone who has never seen the player and has zero information will always say "I don't see why you can't get down to a 10" or 5 or scratch or whatever. It gets old.
  13. ? The query/emphasis is on the word AVERAGE, not the number 260.
  14. The Youtube situation is not at all similar. It is a totally new domain. But you could have gone to town halls years ago and sold tickets to talk about golf and you'd have made nothing. It's the same thing, just expanded massively. Short term, nothing has changed. What is interesting is how the PGATour is realising that they can team up with people like EAL and NLU and it can be mutually beneficial. The high quality content makers will do well. People like the OP will do nothing and make zero $. A person reviewing music videos is not a "professional musician" A person talking about films is not a "professional film-maker" A person talking about golf is not a "professional golfer" The OP in this thread is a troll. Others are hoping that they can call themselves a "professional golfer" by having a tinpot Youtube channel. Observe our hero below.
  15. I want to why your plan is better than mine: I plan to find an instructor who can help me develop some achievable goals and who can give me some drills and lessons to help me maintain my focus to achieve these goals? What is the reason for aiming for 10? I can be pretty certain you won't be a 10 in 7 months.
  16. PM PayPal details ASAP. And your banking details and password.
  17. The irony of it all is that (in my experience at least) most really good players are not that interested in equipment and don't watch much golf on TV. They certainly don't go on to websites and tell people how awesome they are or ask 18 handicappers they've never met how long it will take them to get to scratch.
  18. People get "beaned" all the time. Many of the think a signed glove is cool recompense. The tickets would clearly outline that golf is a potentially dangerous spectator sport and the legal ramifications of that. (Which I'm sure mean nothing really) The main thing though, is that the spectators have nowhere to go. If you had buffer zones you would probably have to reduce the gallery sizes by 60%
  19. Complete and utter domination. Which is code for "Not good enough to make the final 16 in the B Grade Championship of his local club."
  20. Sometimes people have to be given enough rope to tie themselves up good and proper. This jive-talkin' coolster dude is making a complete pratt of himself and deserves the opportunity to remove any doubt. If the gateway to a successful golf Youtube Channel is a (as in singular, one) "sneaker" video, we need to learn from a master. 😇
  21. LOL. But there was never any real discussion about the conditions, so my bet is that the 91 was better than the 85, so he probably went backwards. And much tastier than Kool-Aid. Your advice is to set unachievable goals. Makes sense......😕😀
  22. So, we're just a tad shy of the "I have no backup plan, so failure is not an option" philosophy. Bold goals are stupid goals if there is no possibility that they will be achieved. If a 22 year old with a real handicap of 20 got down to 15 within 7 months, that would be tremendous progress. I'm not talking about someone who says they "gave themself" a handicap of 20 and then in three months time played 14 holes on a course that might be playing at 5600 yards and "gave myself pars on the last four because it was raining and I was hitting it well. That was a 78, so I'm now a 6 handicapper". How about this for a goal? I plan to find an instructor who can help me develop some achievable goals and who can give me some drills and lessons to help me maintain my focus achieve these goals? NOTE: There has NEVER been a thread on this site where someone has set a goal to be scratch or whatever where they have demonstrated ANY improvement. And, for the umpteenth time, I'll say that NONE of these guys have EVER seen a really good player hit a ball. Anyone who has ambitions to get to a really low handicap omly needs to play 6 holes with a genuine plus handicapper or 2 seconds on the driving range at a professional event and know that it's a bit like saying "I am buying a guitar when the snow melts. Do you think I can play like Eric Clapton by Christmas?" It's just silly.
  23. Oh Gawd - here we go again. 260 yards. Where? When? What fairways? What tailwinds? What altitude? What cartpath bounces? What is the real "average"? Do the 300s wipe out the 220s? Is 260 really 180. You don't know and neither do I. You are suggesting that someone without a handicap can get to 10 in 7 months because he SAYS he "averages 260". Wow. There are many many golfers who can occasionally hit it 260. Scratch is possible eventually for a tiny percentage of those people, and most of them are in their early teens.
  24. There goes the amateur status. BANG.
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