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  1. I’ve actually played twice times in the past week, but haven’t gotten around to posting! I played last Friday (18 holes) and then today (7 holes). FRI: A buddy invited me to play Croasdaile, a super nice private course. We played the blue tees (6500 yards), one up from the tips. I played okay, given how tough the course is, but definitely not my best stuff. 50-54. I was actually playing bogey golf through five holes, but then I made sevens on the next two holes, a nine on the tenth and a six on the 11th (par 3). My buddy shot 84. Not just best either, but we weren’t exactly playing i
  2. I’ve been wondering this too! As if our ball will actually listen to what we’re saying! Talking to the ball is actually the main way I express my emotions on the course. If I’m frustrated, you’ll hear it in my voice.
  3. It’s pretty close between the LPGA and European Tours for me, but I’d probably go with LPGA. I may not watch a lot of live coverage, but I really enjoy watching the ladies play, and their short games are awesome.
  4. I was actually thinking about this the other day! Most people I see on the course have a polo and khakis/shorts, and a pullover or even a hoodie in the colder months. But I think it would be hilarious to show up to golf practice one day in knickers and a sweater and tie. The guys would definitely get a kick out of that!
  5. We just did 2-man teams, and I believe at the time, my partner was a 3 hcp. I honestly thought we would do a lot worse.
  6. It was +3 gross. I think if we had played much further back, it would’ve taken up too much time.
  7. We did something similar in team practice last year: we were split into two man teams, we played off the red tees, and we took the worst ball. Three holes, lowest team won. My partner and I came in with +3, which turned out to be one off the winning score. I actually really enjoyed it, considering it was something I’d never done.
  8. I’ve played each of the last three days: some bad, but most of it good or at least okay. TUESDAY: Nothing much to say here: played five holes (1, 2, 3, 6, 7) and hit the ball okay, but duffed two chips and three-putted twice for bogey. +7 for those five holes, two doubles. WEDNESDAY: Yesterday I played one of my favorite courses: Hillandale. Par 71. The tees were moved up, so it probably played under 6300 from the blues (scorecard yardage 6425) and maybe around 5900 from the whites (scorecard yardage 6026). I was hot from the start, going +1 through four, but playing just mediocre go
  9. I ended up grinding out 18 holes the other day. Played the front with a buddy, started double-bogey, and battled back to shoot 43 on the front. He shot 40. Then I made the turn to the back and started with a triple on the tenth hole. Unlike the front, I couldn’t make a good enough comeback on the last eight holes, and therefore shot 47 for a 90 total. Really not a bad score for me at all, I just had one really tough hole. No birdies, although I had five looks, the most realistic one on the 14th, where I had about a 12-footer. Two putts there. Also parred the 15th, and I had to make a dice
  10. Despite not playing in nearly two weeks, I actually played pretty well today. First team practice, I played five holes (1, 2, 3, 6, 7) and shot +5: one double, one par, but I could’ve been +3 (hit one into the trees on 6 and lipped out an 18-inch putt on 7). Then we hit a bucket of balls, and then I joined a buddy for four more holes (1, 2, 3, 9). Here’s my hole-by-hole: PAR: 4-4-3-4-3-4-4-3-5–34 SCORE: 5-5-3-6-4-5-5-4-4—41 Despite the fact that it could’ve been a stroke or two better, I’m pretty happy with the way I played, and I’m hoping to get out for 18 tomorrow.
  11. Here’s another one. This was back in my freshman year of high school (I’m a junior now), in the second-to-last match before regionals. The second hole on this particular course was a par 5, I’m pretty sure it was around 520 from the tees we played. I hooked my drive into a sort of waste area, but it was counted as a lateral hazard. I actually caught a huge break, managing to catch about the only half-decent lie in that area. So I took my hybrid (being careful not to ground my club, of course) and caught it clean, knocking it to the center of the fairway about 150 yards up. But I still had
  12. Definitely B. Although I do love watching and getting hype for the Super Bowl every year, a personal best by six strokes takes the cake by a mile. My lowest score is 80, so that means a 74. Gimme the 74!!
  13. Good on you. Although I do occasionally like to go back to a longer tee (my comfort yardage is 5900-6200) I’ve never been one of those guys either.
  14. What’s the longest golf course you’ve ever played? By that I mean the longest course from the tees you played that day, not yardage from the tips. For me, there’s two that stick out. One was at the regional high school competition my freshman year, and we played the tips (this wasn’t a super long course), which were about 6700 per the scorecard. But they shortened it a bit to just under 6600. About a month before that, the team went to play nine holes one afternoon at one of the toughest courses in Durham, Treyburn CC. I was planning to play the white tees (total yardage a hair over
  15. I’m not the best at putting, so I’m thinking 20’. I may make one, and I will have very few three-jacks, if any at all, from that distance.
  16. First round in about two weeks yesterday (albeit just nine holes) and I had some mixed emotions walking off the last hole. On the one hand, I was feeling good about how I had played, but on the other, I was kind of dissatisfied about the final score, mainly because of the eighth hole. I topped my tee shot, recovered well, but then took six shots to get down from about 100 yards: two chunked wedge shots, a bunker shot and three putts. A quadruple bogey, which turned what should’ve been a 40 or 41 into a 44. Still not much to sneeze at for me, but it could’ve been a lot better. Here’s my h
  17. I just remembered two more interesting matches I’ve had in the past year or so. Actually, both of them were last summer. 1) I remember one day, my dad and I were paired up with another guy, John, on the first tee. Through nine holes, my dad and I had shot 40, John shot 41. My dad had to quit, but John and I continued on to the back. I made eight straight bogeys and I still was up one stroke. My shot on 18 finished just short of the green, John’s was in the bunker. I thinned my chip and slightly over cooked the next one, and John hit a solid bunker shot. We were about the same dist
  18. I’ve actually got a few more moments I’d like to share, the last two of which were from a recent round. 1) A good while back, me and a buddy were playing a quick afternoon nine. On the second hole, he had just under 100 yards for his approach. He hit the flag on the fly with his 58 degree shot and it spun back to about 25 feet. We both knew that if it had missed the flag, it would’ve probably been within 5 feet. 2) This is more of a funny moment than one in a million, but I’ll share it anyway. The fifth hole on the course we were playing was a long par 4, but I bombed a drive and had
  19. I honestly didn’t even know this was a thing. I mean, I started keeping my handicap last March, and my brother was playing with me for most of my rounds back then (and he’s still with me 90% of the time), but a lot of the time he’ll stop after nine holes, and I continue on to the back. So what does this mean? I’m going to guess it means that I can legally post only the front nine, or I just can’t post the round at all.
  20. Hey y’all! So, there’s a junior golf tournament at Pinehurst two weeks from Saturday, and it will be played over two days: No. 2 on Saturday and No. 4 on Sunday. I believe we will be playing the blue tees (around 6900 on both courses if I remember correctly), but I’m looking forward to it. So, any tips on what particularly to practice over the next two weeks, or just what to expect when playing the courses? I think it’ll be good experience for me.
  21. I think it would be fun to try a few gimmick clubs, but that’s not to say I’d put them in my bag. My coach, given the fact that he hates 60 degree wedges (found that out the hard way!), would definitely not approve.
  22. I’m gonna start this up again. I bought me an old Controller driving iron last week (17 degrees of loft), and I love it. I’ve hit probably 20 shots with this club so far, and I’m hitting it lower and straighter than most shots with my fairway woods and hybrids. I’m averaging around 200 yards with solid contact, and it feels great coming off the face. It’s also been windy in Durham lately, so the driving iron has been helping me. As I see it, the only setback is that I can only seem to hit it off the tee. I’ve tried hitting it off the deck, with not positive results. Off the tee, I’m hitti
  23. Today my bro and I traveled a bit and played a course I played in a tourney this summer: Wildwood Green GC. Last time I played, we played the blues (just under 6500, par 70) and I shot 91. My goal for today was to match or beat that score, but from the whites (6050). We played the back nine first, and I shot 51-47, my bro 67-62. My short game kinda sucked today. I hit a number of poor chips/pitches, and I also had several three putts and a four putt. If my short game had been on I would’ve been close to 91, maybe below. On the bright side, I hit the ball pretty well.
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