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  1. That Hybrid looks really weird, I am tempted to go to a demo day, just to try it. Does that weird shape let it sit flat to the ground? Or does it make it really upright.
  2. Since your not a pro.... haha mate you have no idea.... Your so dam rude it is not even funny, grow up. Im not a pro, I can very well tell a difference between them.
  3. The nike spins more, driver distance about the same. I am actully playing the nike ball I changed from the prov around 1 week ago.
  4. I would be very interested to find out what happens if you did got to a reg 9*. If you ever go to a demo day and try this out, please inbox me a msg with how you went.
  5. I see you like Ping clubs.... The Ping I15 driver is quite a hard club to turn over to get that nice draw, this is what is making the difference I would say. I actully no a few pro's who tried this driver and did not like it because it was so hard to turn the club over.
  6. I carry a 3 Iron and love it. Will never take it out for a hybrid! If it's his set... Even though you are paying for it, I would get him the 3Iron. Golf clubs are very personal things, so if he wants a 3iron thats what he should play and even if it is harder to hit he will have cinfidence using it over a hybrid because thats what he likes.
  7. Avg. SS = 119 mph Avg smash factor = 1.43 Avg. launch angle = 9.8* Avg spin = 2800rpm Those stats are all very good to my understanding (I have no idea what smash factor is, on every launch mointer ive ever used for a club fitting, ive never seen it.) I think your Launch angle should be 1* higher but everything else is good.
  8. I would not worry about what flex the club is... Just worry about the numbers that the launch mointer is putter out. Launch angle, Spin raitings, ect ect. If you hit it good why worry about it? But if you want me to answer your question very generaly, Yes you should be looking for a reg flex. 95 MPH is boarder line stiff shaft.
  9. I use a small coin that has the breast cancer logo on it, my girlfriend asked me to use it after her mum got breast cancer. I used to use a fiji'n 5cent, that I got on a holiday.
  10. I brought my vokeys 56 and 62. Still getting used to them, with the different shape club head. But loving them! I also got much less bounce on these 2 wedges, so they is working really well for me.They are giving me a little more spin then my Cg12's. As for your wedges. I really don't like the 4 wedge setup as you would have. I like 3 max unless the course is super short. But it;s all up to you, if I were you I would get 54 and 60. Cleveland wedges are fantastic, only one I did not like was the Cg14's. But the new 15's and the 12's are awesome clubs! My old man is using the 15's and I used
  11. I have a 4 scottys all awesome putters, I got a beternadi ect ect I have alot of putters.... Sc's have always felt very good for me, but then again I used my beternadi up untill I got my new putter custom built. I love my new putter much better then my scotty, much better feel, weight and look. It's all down to personal prefference, see a putter in my opinion is the single most important club in the bag, since this is the club you will use most and make those birdies with. So you need to have what you feel comfortable with.
  12. 1. 20 and up - Cleveland Hibore Iron/hybrids. 2. 15 - Titleist AP1 3. 10 - Titleist AP2 4. 5 and under - Titleist Mb's.
  13. I never really like the TP red and blacks. Brought 2 dozen because they were 2 for one, got 1 lot of blacks and 1 lot of reds. Not as good as the Prov's imho. I have not tied the penta, but looking forward to it because alot of my mates, (+3-3 HI) have rated them very highly! Also the guy who I buy all my golf gear off said people who have brought them have been very happy with them!
  14. Blades are more acurate on dead center hits...
  15. Best thing you can do for you clubs is get a good traveil bag! Try to hard a hard cover with soft padding on the inside... Another thing that I would recomend doing is putting a towel inbetween in club heads, so they can not bang againts each other and get caught up againt one another, in a bad case if that happend you could get a shaft snaped.
  16. I find my 62* (I used to play a 60*) is a great club in the bag. I also play alot of the top course's, so I hit alot of shots that you usually would not need to hit on a Avg course. I would still sugest a 60* wedge for anyone!
  17. haha Sorry, in one of those moods. Ok somthing usfull I wish contribute.... I have a FT Iz 5 wood, and it does fly long if you can get past it sitting closed. As for the other question, I hit my driver better then I hit anybody else's. Don't think I could find anything better.
  18. I told a lie with my first post, I actully LOVE putters :) I have about 4 fully custom made putters, 3 scottys, a "YES" putter and would like a nike method putter. I do have 1 putter that I always putt with, but I just love putters :) Does not matter what I putt with anyways I usually Avg 29 Putts per round :D I JUST LOVE PUTTERS!!!!
  19. Congratulations your one of the longest hitters on tour! I sugest you train up and enter some long drive comps....
  20. Vokeys are just very very well known... They do preform a little bit better then most though. Other wedges that I would rate very highly. Cleveland wedges(anything except for there horrible cavity back one. Cg14 I think) and the scratch golf wedges. All 3 of those I belive are the top wedges in golf by quite a long way!
  21. Well I use White Board Diamana X flex.... I love them! I can;t rember the weight of these golfs shafts and stuff, but they are very low launch and low spin. These shafts are very stiff ive found, compard to most shafts.
  22. Hi, I am not addicted to buying clubs..... Can you help me out?
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