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  1. I hit bombs and i can't shoot in the 70s. So no, you doin great. lol I play a lot with a guy that drives it 220 at most. I can outdrive him with my 4i or 4H... and I still lose by at least 10 strokes. Distance is only good if you're accurate. I would take 230 in the fairway all day. Or anything in the fairway as long as you can reach GIR then no, you are not too short.
  2. Lol the only time I have a really fiery temper is when I'm playing Black Ops. That shit pisses me off. Especially getting killed from 2nd chance. Such a load of shit
  3. You guys are so angry lol. I would just skip the hole.. then again i dont take things that seriously o well to each his own
  4. Er... thats kinda narrow i got a little wider for a pitch and if you're hitting a full shot go about shoulder width/slightly wider... and take a full swing we need a full swing with you really going at the ball not just a little pitch..
  5. Yeah your stance is a little wide (I play a wide stance as well) I dont know what club that is, but the ball position should be in the middle, yours is kind of up front. And your weight goes towards your front foot during your backswing, try to keep centered until you begin your downswing and then start that hip slide.. Initiate the downswing with your hips after remaining centered over the ball during your backswing.
  6. I've never met anyone like that. I tend to get more mad at my poor shots than individuals.. I know for a fact if you had thrown my iron just for some words I said I wouldve knocked you out (assuming you're 18). But I suppose it didn't get to him that much because he was kind of instigating it lol. Shitty situation for sure
  7. I used to decelerate pretty hardcore with halfswings. Have you tried mentally swinging THROUGH the ball even though you take a half swing? That usually helps me. I just try to accelerate the clubhead through the ball and not worry about the distance because the halfswing really helps with the distance so just don't worry about it really taking off.
  8. I don't necessarily play a "hard" shot, but say I had a shot that needed to go 160. Possibly could get on with a 9i could also get on with an 8i for sure. Looking at the hole, depending on where the pin is lets say its in the dead middle of the green. So I see bunkers protecting the front of the green but its ok to miss long, I would go with the choked 8i. But water in the back and being long means death, i would definitely hit a 9i and try to put a good normal swing on it and just try to get on. Really depends on my situation, I dont necessarily have a "hard" shot but depending on
  9. Do you fade your irons any? Do even fade the slightest with a 9 and as you get down to a 4I it starts fading more? Generally, The longer the club the more exaggerated the misses. Anyways, if you hit your irons straight you're probably just coming OTT with the driver. Work on not coming across the ball but more from the inside out
  10. Its a long 8 iron for me, or a choked down 7. Depends on the situation and where a better miss on that particular hole is for me.
  11. There is a scatch wedge fitting section on their website... have you tried it?
  12. I wonder how the teebox is positioned. I didnt read the article or watch the video but if the teebox is above the green its not as bad as one would think... the yardage is just a scary number llol
  13. Eh it dont bother me when no one moves. Sometimes I'll have a friend stand behind me on the tee hit my shot and then after the shot asked how my alignment was and get an idea. They dont move or say anything prior to or during my swing though
  14. Yeah true who knows. I've been to the mid 300's for BP and it's takin me since i was 18, 5 days lifting pretty serious. i'm 22 now haha o well maybe i'm just jealous ;) (i did it naturally for any wondering too! you wanna be big, eat like you are big)
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