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Choosing Clubs

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I am currently a 10 handicap and am looking to upgrade my clubs. I currently play Ben Hogan Edge CFT Irons.  I have a medium ball flight, and am not a super consistant striker.  I hit many clubs and the two that felt the best at the store were the mp-63's and the Titleist ap2's.  I was wondering if either of these would suite me?  And what one would be better. Thanks

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Any of us reading your post are happy for you - you get to buy a new set of clubs and you are looking at good quality irons! 


I too, tend to have a medium ball flight. I recently hit the AP2's and liked them. That same day I hit the MP 63's and MP 58's.Though I liked the AP2's, I enjoyed the MP 58's even more and ended up buying a set.


While there will be people who are loyal to a brand, I think that you can't go wrong with either club. They are both fine irons. The shaft you select will probably be the single most important thing you decide. Whichever irons you go with, make sure you can hit a demo club with different shafts on a screen that can measure your ball's backspin. If you are looking at steel shafts,  I would recommend you give the True Temper GS95 shafts a good look. They tend to promote a higher, boring flight than the S300's.


I'm guessing you have been "fit" and know your specs - whether or not you are one or two degrees upright or flat, length, and shaft flex (based on club head speed). If you haven't, put off buying clubs until you have that done. It is well worth the money. Let us know what you decide on!


Happy shopping.

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