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Caring for Shoes

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I just took delivery of a pair of Traditional Dryjoys (MyJoys, in Oklahoma State colours). The front of the shoe from the last lace hole to the toe, is one piece of leather.  As you can imagine, this part of the shoe is going to take a hammering in regards to it being flexed back and forth with every step. In the past, I have not spent a lot of money on shoes because I know they are going to get pretty beat up (my last pair were Greenjoys, $40, I got last year when I was in the states), but since I have invested a fair bit in comparison to the past on these, I want them to last. So what things should I be doing to keep these in good shape, apart from the obvious regular cleaning, and whats the best cleaning soap for them so they remain soft. 


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To keep my golf shoes in shape I use shoe polish and shoe trees.


Also, if you sweat a lot when you wear them it’s a good idea to let them dry completely before you wear them again.

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Originally Posted by Uber$winG View Post


Also, if you sweat a lot when you wear them it’s a good idea to let them dry completely before you wear them again.


It's good to let any pair of shoes dry out a day before you wear it again. Good to have two pairs of golf shoes if you play more than once a week. (It may take a couple of days for the shoes to really dry if you have a rainy round).


Also, letting shoes dry out properly helps with foot health (lessens chance of blisters, fungus) 


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1st, Wipe them down after every round to get the dirt/pesticides off since that breaks down the leather over time.

2nd, Generally, the use of shoe trees is recommended to keep their shape and also to help with getting moisture out.

3rd, Clean/Polish them every few rounds, I don't know a specific number but you I guess should do it every 5-10 to keep the shoes supple and clean.


Footjoy sells a shoe care kit that I bought, I haven't used it yet but it comes with a brush, cloth, 2 colors of leather conditioner and maybe 1 other things...I need to read up on how to polish a shoe tho lol.



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Awesome, thanks peoples. I have played 2 rounds now. My feet do not even hurt like they did with my old shoes (too narrow). I am removing the inner soles after each use and will continue to as I did read somewhere that the bacteria that makes shoes smell love warm damp conditions, so Im hoping that this airing out will help. I might have to invest in that polish kit. I know some people will look down on others that make the effort to clean their shoes and keep them looking new, but after my irons, this is the biggest investment I have made to my golf kit in a few years and I plan on having them for a couple seasons to come. I may even go back to shoes I got before my last pair to play practice rounds in just to help them last longer. 

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First off I'm sorry you had to get your new shoes on OSU colors, they must have been out of Crimson and Blue (jk)!


Use saddle soap and a soft bristle tooth brush to clean the leather, it will keep it soft and supple and last much longer.  And like everyone has stated, use shoe trees, let them dry out completely and naturally before wearing them again.  Don't leave them in the trunk of your car or the garage, it tends to  dry then out to quickly and the leather with crack and break down.  And lastly a good polish on them every couple of weeks and you will keep them looking good for a long time.

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