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EuroZone Golf Shop

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Has any of my fellow Europeans ever bought from this online website.




Prices are very low,even shipping is only about €25 for a full set if clubs, which has made me a bit cautious.

As the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true....etc etc

I can't find any reviews good or bad anywhere online either.

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Hi, new to the forum but I can respond to this thread.


I'm in the UK and I've bought from them three times now and have no complaints. First time was back in April, ordered an Adams Tech V3 hybrid as a try-out and then last month I got a set of the new Pro a12 irons. Ordered a Golfbuddy GPS last week and I'm waiting for that to arrive.


The gear comes from the US so the delivery time is longer, it's taken a couple of weeks each time so far. But if you don't mind waiting a bit longer, the range of stuff on offer and the prices are the best I've found so far.

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I'd be really interested in hearing from other people's experiences. I'm emailed them last night and got this reply:

Yes our clubs are absolutely 100% genuine -  all golf clubs purchased with us are new and have a standard 12 month manufacturer's warranty.
I understand you concern as counterfeits are a worry if you are buying online - all I can say is that our clubs are genuine.
Maybe it would help if I ask one of our customers if you can contact them to ask about their experience with us?
Kindest regards

Going to reply and ask who they buy from so I can verify from the US sellers. Will update this site when I've done so
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The reply I got regarding their suppliers:

Thats commercially sensitive for us and not information we share with customers sorry.

So, not much help. The lady was excellent in getting back to me and seemed very helpful, but given they are not currently on Callaways Authorised list of online retailers, I'll wait until there's more info on the forums from genuine buyers.
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Daemon, did you verify the serial numbers of the clubs you purchased with the manufacturers ?
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No, I didn't. I'm not sure how reliable that is anyway.


I did show the irons to the Pro at the club and he was very impressed with them after trying them on the range. I'm not suspicious about the authenticity of them, I have seen fakes before and there is something about the feel, finish and sound that isn't quite right. Not so with these. Besides, almost as soon as Adams released the irons in the US, they were available to buy at Eurozone - they wouldn't have had time to fake them!


As I said before, if you don't want the stuff in a rush then it's fine, although I have had a email today saying the GPS has shipped so maybe that's improved.

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This site looks pretty legitimate but doesn't seem particularly cheap to me. Which items were you Looking for exactly? I may be able to suggest other better value sites for you to look at
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Hi Walfice,

I was looking at the callaway diablo combo set


Been through all of the authorised calaway online retailers and then found eurozonegolfshop, who were the cheapest. If you could suggest a site I'd appreciate it.

What worried me most was the address under about us:
Registered Office: 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152

Do a search on that and the reading isn't great, but maybe that's just a location where la load of companies register, ie not a physical address
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I can't find many places selling the combo set but many retailers offer a price match guarantee.  Good value sites I have used are online golf, 118golf, direct golf etc.  Maybe see if these sites can match the price of eurozone if you feel uneasy about ordering from eurozone.

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That's a good idea, I'll contact golfbuyitonline, as they have the set, and will ask

Thanks for the advice
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I'm a bit late joining this thread, but I too have used this company and I am entirely satisfied with the clubs, the price and the service courtesy of Sophia.


I bought a set of callaway razr irons and had them extended by 1 inch with 2° upright lie adjustment; they are wonderful to play with.  This is the first time I've had Callaway irons, so now I have everything callaway except the hybrid. (I'll treat myself later this year).


I too thought that they may be cloned clubs from china, but they are the real deal and I would have no hesitation in recommended them to you.a1_smile.gif



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looks very legit to me.

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I am living in THE Netherlands and I can tell you I have very for experiences with Eurozonegolfshop. Delivery takes some time but it was all good. Ad. a1_smile.gif
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I had a very bad experience with eurozonegolfshop.

I paid for a driver. Delivery was scheduled 15 days later, and then 15 more days later, which was too late for me because I had planned to go on a golf vacation and I wanted to go there with this driver. I demanded a refund, but the seller did not answered.

I had to open a dispute on PayPal. The seller finally replied and agreed to deliver me earlier if I closed the dispute! I refused to close it before delivery and the seller ended up canceling the order and refunded me.

Do not think the seller informs you by email of the delivery date or if this date is postponed. You have to go on its website to know it!

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Hi from Mallorca
We recently purchased a TM SLDR Driver, Callaway Max Daddy wedges, TM irons and a Scotty Cameron GOLO putter, all separate orders. This is a fantastic company to deal with. We were kept informed as to the order status by "Ben" our contact. Everything was delivered on time (2-3 weeks) and the Scotty Cameron was delivered 18 days from product launch in the US. Ben our contact was most helpful at all times and responded to queries by return - even at weekends. Its an internet company with a very successful formula, keep costs at a minimum, purchase in the USA and arrange cheap shipping to Europe. Is is in the Usa and Europe, no idea where HQ is but who cares. The products are genuine. Service and delivery excellent and very competitive prices depending where one lives.
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