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Hello All

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Just introducing myself. I own Great Golf Magazine. I am going to put some nice picture of locations that we have covered on my profile for all to see.

If anyone needs advice on any location featured, good and bad, just let me know and I will try my best.

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Congrats on your golf magazine!

Great that you people share golf concepts, photos, articles, etc!

Good golfing!b2_tongue.gif
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HI Jorge,


Many thanks, We are in the privileged position of sending journalists all over the world (including making sure that I get some trips too) to check out golf locations so why not pass on the information in as many formats as possible.

I have not found a way on this site to post some choice articles as well as the pictures that I have added but would be happy to do so.

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Hi Mark,


Thanks, I will check it out. This issue is a big one as we start distributing copies in the US as well as UK.  Also the online version will be going out to an initial 50,000 US golfers as well as 100,000 UK golfers to see how its received.

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Welcome to the forums!
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