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Zero Bounce

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My irons are Callaway Big Bertha Golds....3-SW. The 3-6 are not in the bag because I have 2-6 hybrids. I printed the specs for my clubs from Callaway's preowned site and discovered that like my hybrids, none of my irons have any bounce. Now I am not sure if that is a really good thing or not? What advantage do I have using zero bounce clubs?

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With wider soles you don't need a lot of bounce, but at the same time my irons have more bounce than most and I like it that way because it encourages a forward leaning shaft without the club getting stuck in the ground.

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Well, I have discovered that my irons have a feel similar to my hybrids hitting off short grass or hard dirt....they don't dig a big divot at all and I guess for a sweeper like me, no bounce is better.. 

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