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New member from New Orleans

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hey everyone, new poster here from new orleans.
just recently was told about this forum when asking about where to go for pointers.

the gf got me my first set of clubs for christmas. a walter hagen xlr set from dicks. nothing special, but I think they are doing just fine for my very first set of clubs considering we didnt even know if I would stick with it.

but I have fallen in love with the game and cant wait to improve.

played my first 18 holes 2 weeks ago and shot a 126, which I was pleased with. but im ready to atart getting better and hopefully this site helps
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Welcome from "da Parish
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It will give you a lot of ideas and it's up to you what you take from it and how much you practice.  Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do.

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Great Game golf - but  it takes time and practice to improve ! Good luck with your new found game of golf its a blast for sure !

I play in new orleans from time to time - I also live in louisiana on the bayou. Good place to play fro you might be Bayou Barrier - open golf course but has lots of trees- but fun to play ! 


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I am also a new member from New Orleans.  I am a very novice player and would like to work on my game right now what do you suggest I do?


1. Take lesson from older PGA professional gentlemen with +30yrs experience for only $50 a lesson for an hour. (twice a month)

2. Take a lesson from a younger PGA professional gentlemen that uses trackman but lessons are $120 a hour...ouch!  He will fit me for clubs, preferably titliest since that is what he uses. Not sure if I want to switch over since I was fitted for PING

3. Or lastly go to Golftech? they are very expensive but I don't have the exact cost. they just seem over priced.



Basically I am looking to learn the short game of golf but every lesson I take it's always on a mat and they have me doing a full swing. I know i can't dedicate time to golf like some and play every day or every other day.  But I can play 18 once a week if I'm lucky and go to the range once a week. I know I may not be great but would like to be better for sure.



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