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Best Beginner Clubs (irons and driver)

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I used to golf when I was 18-20 years of age with my grandfathers old clubs. I was pretty good against my friends who had new expensive clubs. 


I am now a young businessman who is in a field where sometimes customers meet on the golf course.


I really do not want to overspend on a set of clubs but I want something that is well built and won't break the bank. 


Any brands or particular models I should be looking at is great. 

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i'm still relatively new to the sport.  i believe that just about every major manufacturer has both "tour" clubs (for better players) and "game improvement" clubs (for guys like you and me).  the cool thing about golf is that the 2nd hand market is ENORMOUS.  there are guys/gals that trade out equipment on an annual basis.  this means that you can get your hands on stuff that was deemed in 2011 or 2012 as "the best ever" FOR CHEAP.


or you can get some clubs from around 2008-2010 for next to nothing.  my iron set is a Callaway Fusion set (circa 2006?), and they work fine.  (i spent 150 bucks on the irons and wedges).  i have a Callaway FT9 driver ($40).  i have an Odyssey White Hot #9 putter ($30).  for roughly 200 bucks, i got a pretty decent starter set.  i got everything from craigslist.  as i get better, i will invest in some newer clubs.  at this point, these irons work great for me.


i'm a craigslist beast!  download the craigslist app to your iphone/android and it will make searching even easier!  if you have questions on a particular model, google them or check on this website (using the search feature).  there is a boatload of info available (maybe too much!)


hit em straight bro

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Wilson staff! The staff line is a great line for biggeners and they look sharp. The di11 irons will be great for a player that has trouble getting the ball into the air. They run for around 250 on ebay. woods and hybrids the burner 2.0 series is very forgiving in my eyes with a little ofset i love the hybrid i game it. If you have trouble putting check out a mallet putter i love my 2 ball and i know you can get a older model for around 60 bucks that people still game from 5 years ago. Driver is hard because alot of new golfers hack balls of the tee , pshh i still have a occasional duck of the tee.  If i was looking for a new driver and saved money on the other things i have above i would look at A Titleist 910d2 (get fit),ping g20 taylormade burner superfast. Those are clubs i  think i would like but you and me may have very differnet taste.

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