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Anyone here experience this pain or similar and give me some advice please?

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hey everyone.. so two weeks ago to the day i was practice swinging in my house, in VA its too cold (at least for me) to golf. So I often swing in my house, often as in, ALMOST every night I take a few swings and work on form.. Im not exactly great at stretching before I do so but it isn't like I go crazy either..


my problem.. I woke up sunday morning with the most sharpest pain under my ribcage and hip, on my side. Felt like a tore my oblique or just strained it something serious. I went to my Dr and he did indeed assume its just my oblique and not my kidney or something more serious. My stupid butt went to Dicks Sporting Goods and swung a club a few times and what do you know an hr later? painful as hell after what felt like it was sllllllightly calm... was thinking about making an appointment to see a physical therapist or a second opinion.... or wait it out?..


please some advice or similar experience would be great..b4_blushing.gif


thanks guys.



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I had something like it after a very long session at the range followed by a lot of push ups at home. Next morning I could barely get out of bed. I just waited it out. 

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how long did it last for Pat? ... im on two weeks, which i used to be a heavy bodybuilder.. im aware that pulled muscles take time- but just like to see what others have experienced and can help share some treatment- it hurts like hell but i didnt lost any range of motion.

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I think it took about three weeks to completely heal up. 

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Sounds like a muscle strain to me, but I trust your doctor did an exam and if his exam was thorough I'd trust his diagnosis.  Which side is the pain on?  When you say "ribcage and hip" those are two different areas to me.  Is the pain that widespread, or are there two separate pains?  When the pain hits, is it constant or intermittent?  Sharp and stabbing or dull?  Throbbing pain or steady?

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he checked with his fingers around my sides and asked for pain in certain areas to make sure it wasnt like an organ or anything. the pain is dull, it does come and go but its def more on then not. its not really a sharp pain, at least not anymore. its right beneath my ribcage, like the space between your hip and cage, such as the oblique muscle. put it this way.... you take a full swing with an iron, hold that finish, like when your spun all the way to the left (im a right handed golfer).. the left oblique feels sore, weird part is i cant exactly "find it" with my fingers when i dig around but i can sure as hell feel it... i dont know how that is.

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Assuming you haven't taken a nasty blow to your left side, I would say it's unlikely it's an organ (spleen).  Pain isn't consistent with a bruised spleen either.  Kidney pain is usually felt in the back just above the lumbar region on each side.  Often it radiates downward to the groin on one side or the other, too.


Pretty much sounds like muscular to me.  Particular if there aren't any GI symptoms (loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, changes in stool, etc).


Sometimes it's difficult to nail down exactly WHICH muscle was strained, but honestly the treatment for strains doesn't depend on the muscle.  Rest.  Motrin if your stomach can tolerate it.


Thing about Motrin that a lot of people don't realize.  It has two properties we love.  First, it's a mild analgesic and relieves some of the pain, usually with the first dose.  Second, it's a great anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling.  Unfortunately, in order for it to get to the anti-inflammatory stage, you need to be on regular doses for a few days (in the military we used 800mg three times a day, but many people can't tolerate it, particularly if you have any stomach issues like ulcers or anything like that).


I always told my patients that if you take a few doses and the pain goes away, keep taking it because all you've done is relieved the pain, you haven't done anything to relieve what CAUSED the pain (inflammation from an injury).  If they can stay on the Motrin for at least 3-4 days, three times a day (doesn't have to be 800mg either...200-400mg sometimes will do the trick) the level of ibuprofen builds up to a therapeutic level for reducing inflammation and fixing the problem.  After that most people can drop down to 1-2 times a day to maintain the level.  I'd tell my patients the pain should feel better after the first day, but if they stop taking the Motrin it will probably come back.  After a week of rest and Motrin most patients are ready for stretching exercises and mild activity, building up to full activity as tolerated.  Any pain means back off.  There's no such thing as "no pain no gain" when it comes to rehab.

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Hey, if you lay down on your back on the floor, legs straight, and try to lift your heel off the ground, how's that feel?

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I had a similar pain last year, I went to see my Chiropractor, he adjusted my hips, rib cage etc and after a few days after the muscles had settled down I was fine, in fact my next round was one of my best, I shot a 78.

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hey thanks for the advice, i plan on taking ibprofen , 2 every 4 hours, thats all I really got to work with at the moment. 


When I lay down and pick up my heals, im mainly using my front abs, i didnt really activate my sides to much but when i stood up i did feel it. It is really a nagging pain, im so fustrated... golf season just started, its about to be 60 degrees and i cant play..

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