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R7 irons to R11 irons?

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I have been playing a set of R7 irons with Nippon ns pro stiff shafts since 2008. I recently hit a set of R11 irons with the kbs stock stiff shaft, indoors into a net. They felt good but unfortunately no simulator on the bay I was using so no real feedback in terms of distance or shot shape.

I am comfortable with my R7's, but have been thinking of getting something newer. I'm curious if anyone has made the jump from the R7 to the R11 and what there thoughts are about the R11.

I am hoping that one of the upcoming demo days will have a set that I can hit outdoors off of grass, but I'm afraid they might be to old. Hence any input you guys have to offer would be appreciated.
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I had the r7 xd irons and switched to the r11 irons. Distance didn't really change much (2-3 yards) but i hit the r11 much more consistent.
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I did the exact switch. I found that I hooked my R7's too much. I moved to the R11's and pretty much solved that over night. The R11's have less offset and I have a natural high draw ball flight. I always fought against the R7's offset from turning my draw into a hook. I also like the thinner topline of the R11. Feel is very similar to me, as well as forgiveness with maybe a slight advantage to the R7 (it's a bigger clubhead). I read that the RBZ is very similar to the R11, but I went and tried them in the shop and hated them. Feel was nothing like the R11. I liked the R11 irons so much that I went and bought a 3 wood and Driver in the same.

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it has been 5 years now since your last set of irons. I would try other brands since a lot has changed since then. taylormade is a good brand, but there might be something else out there that might surprise you. try out some forged clubs and tell me what you think.
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Any particular forged club you would recommend? With my budget I will be looking at last years modles as they get marked down.
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Richard, thanks for the advice. I went with the TM TP MC forged, with true temper dg sl stiff shafts.
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