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Barona Golf Course

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Over rated or great?


Going to try it out today.

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Ok, so what's the verdict?
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Originally Posted by jefkve View Post

Ok, so what's the verdict?

Unfortunately I couldn't get out there. 



When I do I will update the thread.

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Cool, let us know how the course is.  I've never played Barona.  But reading Barona for some reason makes me think of this song...c5_banana.gif

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Ok I played the course today and here is my yelp review.


4 out of 5 Stars only because of the service that this course provides.

They pick you up from the parking lot and drive you and your bag to the pro shop.

You get free range balls and there are a bunch of practice balls on the chipping green.

The staff is professional.

All of this deserves 4 stars.

However this course is not my cup of tea.

It was a rather monotonous layout to me. 

The bunkers everywhere shape the fairway on where to hit your tea shot on every hole.  Kind of boring.

A lot of carry needed on holes of course with bunkers guarding them.

This plus the greens being hard and fast means that if you land it in front of the green you end up in the back.

Of course putting toward the front of the green it is severely sloped and  a hard two putt.

I get it.

Unless you have payed the course a lot you need to know what part of the green to aim your approach shot or you will have a nearly impossible up and down if you miss.

The slope of the greens makes it very tough to get up and down if you miss on the wrong side.

I was kind of bored after nine holes and couldn't  wait for the round to end.

The only saving grace was that with the Barona card it was 64 bucks instead of 80.

120 regular rate to me is way too much.

I enjoy the Golf Club at Rancho California, Eagle Crest and Mount Woodson much more than this course and I sincerely doubt I will be back.

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