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Iron Trouble

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Hey im a fairly new golfer and im having alot of trouble with my irons, especially long irons. Im hitting my lob and sand wedges very well, but when I get out to longer iron shots im topping the ball. When I do hit a longer shot, I also tend to hook the ball. I had a very steep swing and have been working on keeping it flatter and I was wondering if that could be the cause. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Generally topping comes believe it or not...trying to help the ball into the air..make sure your ball positionis middle of your stance to slighly above middle for 5 iron and longer irons keep moving forward all the wayy if you hitt 2 iron its almost at your front foot
Don't hit up...hit down ball first...if your new find a good golfer on range and ask for advice or if you got $$$ work with a pro instructor preferably with a camera...search on YouTube might help too
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Make sure that you are transferring your weight to front foot on downswing.
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If u can practice on turff..hit the ground no ball..see where your club is hitting the turf ...move ball to that postion in your stance.
One player I knew..great ball striker...could tee up low on a 8 iron...his divot was inches in front of ball. That is hitting down and ball first.
Any good ball striker makes a different sound than your weekend duffer....they compress the ball is where that sound is coming from
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Check your grip. An overly strong grip could be causing those pulls and hooks. Try putting your hands on the club so that the "v" made by your thumb and index finger points at your chin with both hands, and take an easy swing. 

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