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I was out at the course a couple of weeks ago, I am 32, in decent enough shape, a 15 handicapper and my handicap is dropping steadily. I am not a power hitter by any stretch of the imagination. I drive about 230 although I do have those rare moments where I crush it 280+. My irons are not long either. I hit my 7 about 150 yards if I really whack it. My typical shot is a fade, sometimes I slice, sometimes I hook, but I am pretty reliable at hitting a fade. My equipment is a TM R1 driver, Callaway X-hot FW's, and Callaway Diablo Egde-R Irons. I found a TM R7 Draw Biased PW at the course. (Yes I turned it in). But anyway, I was about 40 yards out and I thought i would hit that club and see what it does, well, i hit it straight as a dang arrow, hit the pin. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so on the next hole I hit it again, and it went DEAD at the pin. I have never hit anything that deadly accurate before in my life.
Are there any other sets out there like this? I can find them used all day, but new is almost $500 as I know they are a long discontinued product, I also thought, couldn't I put some weights about a 1/2 from my hosel to produce the same results? Like these? I know that last one is odd, but I am a tinkerer.