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Just starting

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I have golfed on and off for 15 years but never more than 3 times in a year so I am terrible. I have never worried about what kind of clubs I have because I had a terrible swing anyway. Me and the wife went a few days ago and I realized measuring my irons against the clubs I just bought her, they were the same size. My Uncle bought them for me 20 years ago and told me they were older but nice clubs. The irons are Wilson K28's. I have since realized they are horrible and probably why I have never improved or had any consistency. My best shot is with the PW though...


Anyway, I decided that I would start looking at clubs with my wife giving me a practically non-existant budget. I found a set of Callaway X 14's on craigslist for $60. It is 3-9 with a PW and LW. 8 iron is missing though. Still had to have it as I really wanted graphite from what I read. Now what I need is a putter since mine might be even worse than the K28's and I hit my topflight driver reasonably well. I don't even know what kind of putter I currently have since it is so old and marked up it doesn't even have any markings on it. Again, with a small budget my options are very limited and I want one NOW. This one is easily in my price range but I can't find any reliable reviews besides the amazon ones where everybody loves everything.




What do you guys think?

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I actually have a coworker that just got into the game and bought a complete set of Pinemeadow clubs and this putter seperatly. The clubs are in my opinion terrible, they seem to be built very cheaply and I doubt they'll last more then a couple seasons. With that said, the putter seems to be a good putter. Nothing like a Scotty Cameron or anything high end, but it doesn't look or hit like a cheap putter.

Since I love my putter so much I would recommend checking out YES! putters. RockBottomGolf sells older models dirt cheap and they are much better quality then Pinemeadow.

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I had looked there before and just looked again after reading your post. They only have 3 YES! putters total for men and all are out of my range unfortunately. Mostly what I see are Ray Cook at where my price range is. Would those be much better than the pinemeadow? I was also hoping for mallet as those feel the best to me.


Thanks for the feedback.

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I don't know of anyone playing with a Ray Cook putter so I don't know how they perform. From the reviews they seem like good puttesr. In my opinion Pinemeadow clubs arejust a cheap knockoffs. Check RockBottom again at the end of the week, they should have a sale for the last Major of the season.
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Will do, thanks again.
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Ended up getting an Adams select A seven sixty series putter in sale for forty bucks.
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Phone wouldn't type numbers for some reason, let me translate.



Got this one. For the price I couldn't hold off as there was only a couple in town.




Seems reasonable, no?

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