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how often should one re-evaluate their grip?

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I have been playing for about six months now and I am nowhere near good but leaps and bounds from where I started. I have taken a few lessons that have helped alot but feel like my grip is lacking. I think I lost sight of it while working on alot of other things and the other day at the driving range started to develop blister on the pad of my thumb and bottom knuckle of my pointer finger of my right hand (I am right handed) which I would think would mean I am doing way to much with my right hand.? (Squeezing and pushing) would you agree? Do you concentrat on your grip with every approach? Also I watched a video where It advised to put a fingers width between your middle and pointer finger so I have and was not instructed to do otherwise by my coach but after thinking about it it feels like I am setting myself up to do too much with my right hand with the gap. What do you think/do?
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How often should one evaluate their grip? VERY VERY often. Should you think about it on every shot? You shouldn't think about anything in an ideal world. If you get to the point where you can put your hands on the club correctly every time without thinking too much about it, you will be a long way to being more consistent.


Even the best players get "grip creep" where they let their perfect grip slip into bad habits.


1. Know what your perfect grip looks like and feels like.


2. Make it a habit.


3. Review often to make shure your grip is still perfect.

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One of my recurring themes is to suggest new players (like myself) taking lessons on a fairly regular basis.  How regular is, of course, open to debate, but about the time you are feeling like your grip may need adjustment it is probably time to pony up for another.  The grip should be about the first thing a pro checks at the start of a lesson.


I don't agonize over it or anything, but I am very conscious about taking my grip at the beginning of each shot.  Depending on the shot I am thinking of, I may make the grip a bit stronger or weaker, choke down a bit, etc.  That helps me to avoid slipping into bad habits to some degree I think, and I guess you could say I "evaluate" my grip each time. To me, the grip is mighty important.

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I would defitely say I am councious of it but over the course of a couple of months t gradually transforms to crap? Do you guys put any space between the pointer and middle fingers of your right hand or let them fall naturally?
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