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Mizuno MP 650 3 Wood

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I found one in great cond. before I pull the trigger, I was wondering if any of you guys have hit one, or better yet own one, and what your thoughts on the club are. I know it was rated #1 some time ago, and I have watched some utube vids on the club, but you can't ask ?'s of a video..lol



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Never mind, I went ahead and bought it. Shaft is a stiff Fujikura ZCOM pro 95 @ 42" . 

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In any event, its a nice club for a low handicapper.  It sets up with a slightly open face, so if youre someone who fights a hook, it will eliminate that side of the golf course.

I used to have a full set of MP-650s (driver, 3-wood, 3-hybrid) and they were nice on days when my swing was on but I like the distance, higher launch and forgiveness of the JPX line better.  The MPs were very pretty clubs but the JPXs almost feel like cheating.

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That is my favorite clubhead in my bag. I want a different shaft in mine because I like high kick point shafts best, and I'd consider going to 15˚ instead of 13.5 but it's been solid for me most of the time. I find the aldila voodoo to be very low spinning and straight when hit smoothly, but very inconsistent on full swings whereas I can hit my Rip Alpha in my hybrid and the Kusala black in my driver as hard as I want. The shaft that came stock was decent, but it was an S flex and wasn't stable enough for me. I'd reshaft it with something like the rip alpha 80 if I had a chance.


I like the feel and sound a lot, plus it's titanium so it's extremely hot and low spinning. It keeps the flight down nicely for me, never ballooned it. I also can hit it for a lot of carry off the tee, though it's very tricky to draw. Best of all it was only 150$ though I changed shafts to a heavy x flex. I would try an adams XTD or super LS because I like their woods a lot, but the Mizuno is an incredible weapon so I don't want to get rid of it. 


The forgiveness is not that high IMO, but if you can play regularly and keep your game sharp this club has enough to keep you on target on minor mishits. It doesn't do rough or sand that well, and there's no extra loft to use for hitting it off a crooked lie, so it's basically a second driver or the longest possible shot off the deck. It's pretty shallow so it's very nice to hit off the deck, but I love hitting it on the upswing off the tee when a fade is required or if I want to hold onto a fairway. With a good ball and warm conditions, I was hitting it 270-290 total off the tee this summer and not much shorter off the deck.


I'd say for a lower handicap player who doesn't need help launching the ball, this club will be very rewarding.

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Thanks, that just reinforces what I've read about the club. For what I paid for it, I could re shaft it and still be $$$ ahead..:-D

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Just got one 650 with stock stiff shaft will let u know when it arrives but reviews look very good. I use the 630 driver absolutly love it that I bought a 2nd one!! Just incase.
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Maybe I should have updated this. I sild the MP 650, and bought a Titleist 910F 3 wood, that's adjustable, and has a Diamana Kal'li 75 mg reg flex shaft, which suits my swing much better than the shorter, stiffer Mizuno.

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