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New Golfer - Need Advice

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I recently graduated college and began to play golf.  I couldn't call my buddies anymore to meet up to play basketball because we had all gained 100 lbs from our college years, so we began to play golf.  I have been playing for about 4 months now and have absolutely caught the fever.  I started out with a set of used clubs: Mizuno T-Zoid Sure irons, Callaway Warbird Driver, TaylorMade 5 Wood, and an Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball Putter.  I am consistently shooting below 100 (PR of 91), which has been monumental in my love of the game considering I shot a 122 the first time I played just a few months ago.

My main question involves equipment.  I am making the transition from old, outdated clubs with ball marks all over them to my first brand new set.  I have my eye on the 2013 Nike VR_S Covert irons, and am leaning towards a Covert Driver and hybrid as well.  I was wondering if anyone else has been playing these clubs and/or thinks this would be a good purchase for me.  I really know nothing about equipment, I just have always worn and used Nike products and have never been disappointed.  Any opinions, comments, or advice will be greatly appreciated.



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To get an idea of what golf clubs can and can't do, check out club designer Ralph Maltby's web site. He has links on clubheads, shafts, grips, balls, wedges, lots of things. http://www.ralphmaltby.com/


If you are shooting in the low 90s, and you see a lot of future golf activity, it might be time to get a fitting. A fitting allows you to try out different clubheads, shafts, grips, etc., to see what fits your swing best.


If you get a full fitting, you don't need to buy all the clubs at once. You can put together a time-phased shopping list from the data.

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i have played the covert tour driver and i really liked it. i think the new nike covert drives have a good feel, good sound, and the red is a cool look for sure. i didnt like the hybrids though. i didnt think their hybrids were very forgiving but thats just my opinion. if you want a good hybrid i would go adams

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