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Last (Golf) Thing You Bought?

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Today, at The World of Golf in NYC, i purchased :

-52º/11 & 58º/11 Callaway X-Tour Vintage Wedges

-Orange & Navy Mini Sharpie Pens

-1 Box of Stinger Cleats

-1 Champ Cleat Wrench

-1 Dozen Taylor Made TP Red Golf Balls

-1 Box of white Zero Friction Tees

-1 Ball Aligner

How about you?

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Last time i went to the golf store I was ready to go in there and buy a Prolaunch Red Shaft for my driver but I walked out with nothing.

Realized I didnt need it. My last purchase at the golf store was My Driver, last year.
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Ping Tour-W 54 degree, Tour Burner baseball hat (white) and a TM Targa glove which is excellent. Also, told the pro I want to try his 3-wood and another demo (once exams are over...)
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nice shopping spree, you'll like the wedges. yesterday i bought spikes, a sleeve of callaway tour i's to try out, and a red bull(my guilty pleasure).

They sell Red Bull at your golf shop!?!? I love that crap too.....sugar free Red Bull is just about a daily occurrence for me.

I stopped yesterday and was going to pick up some Callaway Tour i balls but I decided to hold off when I saw the Precept Distance IQ or whatever for 19 bucks a dozen plus 2 free pairs of socks! I needed socks, now I have some balls to beat around and have some fun with. I'm sure they're not Tour i caliber, but hey, free socks man! I almost pulled the trigger on a new Sumo2 5 wood, I'm sure next time I go that might find it's way in my bag.
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3 boxes of 2008 Nike One Plats, and the short zero friction tees.
Hopefully this will last me until the end of the season.
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I stumbled across 2007 Pro V1's and Pro V1x's on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods here in Frisco (25 min North of Dallas), Texas, for $35.00 each (limit of 3 per customer). Needless to say I picked up the three box limit. I almost asked my wife to stand in line separately and buy three more!

In the Bag:
Driver: Taylormade R7 SuperQuad, 9.5, Stiff
3-Wood: Taylormade V-Steal w/ ProForce V2, Stiff
Hybrid: Taylormade TP Dual Rescue, 19 degrees
Irons: Taylormade R7 TP Irons (4-PW) w/ Project X 6.0
Wedges: Taylormade TP Black 54 degree and 60 degree
Putter: Odyssey White Hot #9
Ball: Taylormade TP Red or Pro V1
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Needed some longer tees....look like railroad spikes compared to what I used to use.

Picked up some softspikes and changed the ones on out my shoes.

Two Etonic gloves.....pretty decent gloves, too. I'd buy them again.

Precept Laddie balls. Not bad at all....epecially considering the crazy low price.

I think that's everything on the last trip.

Next trip is gonna involve a push cart and a new bag.
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    • While not as exciting as doing it on a par 72 course, finally did break 80 yesterday - 78/Par 70. It was a solo round so can't post. It's my first ever no-sixes round but since I can't post the score I won't ask for credit yet.  Also first ever round with no penalties! Disclaimer - our course is fairly flat and easy. But it has a butt load of OBs. You do have to hit a fairly wild tee shot on most of them to actually land it but only three holes do not have an OB lurking. So it's kinda an accomplishment all of it's own for me. Heh heh.  Driver has been friendly, irons continue to be reliable. Putter acting like a diva but I think I've got her number.  My work since the GEARS visit is actually sticking it seems..!! I am still hitting plenty of garden variety shitty shots but am playing some good golf lately and terribly happy at how the things are shaping up. 
    • Just to look at the good things. It's good to find the positives.  1. Backswing length, much better.  2. Overall how the body is turning is better. It's probably the best it looks right now.  Thoughts on what I need to work on. 1) Keeping the right elbow from collapsing so much in the backswing. Might be time to invest in some swimming floatation devices 😉. It might be easier for me to get the angle out of my right elbow if I had less angle there to begin with. 
    • My hats off. Putting stats like that on any of them PH greens is fantastic. Well done!
    • A young story and an old story!  Yesterday I played Pinehurst #6. A foursome was scheduled but only two of us showed up. I knew one person and the other was a father and daughter. Well only the daughter showed and off we went.  So.  I was 50 years older than her, she is 17 and a very good golfer. She’s off to Norte Dame on a golf scholarship next year after she completes high school. She’s a +2 HDCP. So off we go, she’s playing a hybrid set of tees I’m playing White tees. She hits it straight and decently long for her age.  We are both even thru 3 holes until I make a double on the 4th hole. By the time we finish the front I’m 2 over and she’s 1 over. Back nine I had 1 birdie, 2 bogey’s and the rest were pars for a 75. She shoots 34 on the back with 3 birdies, two were back to back.  A71 for her.  She will be playing in the Woman’s  North South here next week and the Junior as well.  She has no desire to become a Pro Golfer, she is going to Medical School to become an Anesthesiologist.  Impressive I thought! Todays old story…played with two old guys, one is 85 but plays ok and the other was 79. I’m the young guy at 67.  What a comedy!  I could tell immediately they play a lot together as the ribbing never stopped.  I quickly learned to stay alert as their shots started going everywhere!  Then the 85 year old guy gets the shanks! Never seen it so bad and I’ve had them a few times but never like this. The other guy played a very military game with shots left, right, left and so one. The on the 9th hole the 79 year old left a club on the previous hole and left to get it. Then the 85 year old checks his bag and the lost club is in it. Off he goes to get the other guy. They return eventually as the 1st guy went two holes back searching for his club. I’m in the fairway on the 10th hole waiting and here they come.  So then the 79 year old turns his cart steering wheel tightly to turn around and somehow gets the tow hook caught over the right front wheel axle rod so now the cart can only go in a circle!  It took about 15 minutes to figure that out! We fixed it using one of his irons to pull the tow hook loose! What next I thought.  We finally finished. The good news there was we finished in 2hrs 40min! Happy 4th!
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