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Mizuno mp 32 Irons

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Currently I'm playing with Taylormade Rocketbladez irons and I love em. When I put a good swing on them, the result is fantastic. The ball comes off of the face like crazy and the trajectory is nice and high, not losing any yardage, and lands soft, especially with the shorter irons. They give me a lot of confidence at address.


With that being said, I've been working extremely hard on my swing during the off-season so far by taking lessons from a CPGA Certified Instructor who uses video analysis as his major tool, and the results have been extra-ordinary. He's a brilliant teacher. When I go to the range now and get a large bucket with say, 80 balls, I would say that approximately 6 or 7 shots are mishits. The rest are purely center struck or damn close.


Now, I've always loved the classy look of blades, especially Mizuno's. So I went to Golf Town a couple weeks ago and decided to try out some MP 69's and 54's. The MP 69's were amazing. I loved the way they feel when struck pure and felt a ton of confidence at address with the thinner top line and smaller club face. The price was way too much for me at the moment since I just grabbed the Taylormade's, so I decided to do some research. What I found was the the MP 32's were some of the best if not the best forged irons that Mizuno or anyone has ever made. The reviews were unbelievably consistently positive with one aspect that remained constant, "best irons I've ever played." So I did some more research and found a used set of MP 32's, in great condition for $100, so I bought them (keeping in mind that they will most likely take some time and practice getting used to).


The last 3 days I've had them at the range and I love them. The look, the feel, the ball flight, the sound, everything. I tend to have a few more mishits because they are less forgiving then my Rockbladez, but surprisingly not by much. They still are very forgiving for a blade and are soft like butter when struck well. Much different feeling and sound then my Taylormade's.


Now I'm torn because I have a brand new set of irons that cost me $800 and now I have a used set of incredible and highly coveted irons that are finding my way into my bag. I think that what I'm going to do is keep using the Mizuno's throughout my practice sessions and lessons with my teacher because there is more feedback on mishits. I also think that learning with blades can help my swing become more disciplined and consistent. Anyone else ever experience this with blades before?

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There's another mp32 thread. . .
and I really like these clubs.

Keep using the RocketBladz for longer than 6i.
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