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Grip sizes

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So I am looking to re-grip my clubs for the start of the season. I re-gripped them last season without doing any research (I had never re-gripped myself before). So this season I decided to do some research and make sure I did it the correct way.


So my question is this; I have irons with .580 shafts and hybrids/woods with .600 shafts. I cannot seem to find a grip that looks like what I want that comes in both sizes. Why is that so difficult? I know I could get all .600 and add a layer of extra tape on the irons, but why should I have to go through that extra work? Shouldn't I be able to fid grips in both sizes? Or am I missing something?

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If you use 580 core grips on 600 shafts it's 600 - 580 = 0020 + size, regular build up tape adds 0015 so the this will give you a small amouth larger than using 1 layer of buildup. 


580 means more rubber than 600.


And you can find grips in 600 and 580 




That said, I have been to the same problems several time, ending up doing two layers of tape on all my irons and wedges, and one layer under the thumb. And only one layer on woods and driver, with the one under the thumb.


Just make sure you use the same tape on everything, I have seen clubmakers use thicker tape than regular, and thats not god :)

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