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3 wood shafts

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im looking for a 3 wood shaft to fit my taylormade Burner head. I have a swing speed of somewhere between 90-100. what flex and shaft length should I order? is the aldila nv a good choice for me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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First of all, welcome to TST!


If you swing in the 90-100 range, usually stiff flex is a good place to start. As far as the NV, it does work fairly well in all sorts of woods if you're looking for an economical option, but it won't launch very high in the heavier weights like the 75g and up. If you use the 3w mainly off the tee, it will probably perform well, but many players choose a higher launch shaft in their fairways or a 4 wood to ensure they get enough carry off the deck. If you strike the ball well and don't mind a lower flight compared to the original shaft, the NV 75 or so could work.


One thing to note, however, is that most models of burner fairways have a .350 hosel size. That means the standard .335 shaft needs a shim to fit properly, so you're best served by purchasing a .350 wood shaft to begin with. It should be pretty easy to find that size though. All unused shafts will usually be 46" so you will just tip it the proper amount based on Aldila's recommendations and trim the butt to the same length as the stock shaft.


Finally, the length and final weight of the club are most likely going to change, so if you like the really light weight of the stock shaft you can shorten the new one slightly to keep the swingweight about the same. 43.5" has always been too long for fairway woods unless you're really tall so shortening it somewhere between 42 and 43 inches will make it easier to hit without costing much distance. The reason taylormade gets away with it is they make the shaft really light, under 50g, so it doesn't feel as long; if you go to a heavier weight in the NV I recommend trimming the club to the slightly shorter length.

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thanks for the info lucius. im 5 foot 6/7 so pretty short, the stock shaft in this club was 43'' and weighed 48g and worked fine so i can see your point. the shaft broke however hence the reshafting. i am unable to find the same original shaft online which is a pity.

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diamana makes awesome shafts the d+ and s+ are excellent

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