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Hi all,


I have just joined a 9 hole club for the first time and I am interested in steadily lowering my handicap (hopefully). Unfortunately, the weekend competitions that I understood would be starting at the beginning of April have not begun, (primarily due to lack of members I think).


I haven't worried about it too much so far as I had been playing the rounds necessary to obtain my initial GUI handicap, but I now find myself arriving at the course on Saturday morning with another few members and there are still no competitions being held. From my understanding, we need to be competing to submit cards for handicap purposes under the CONGU rules. 


I would like to know if our group of 4 members can be considered as playing "in competition", if we inform the club owners that we are doing so and ask them to therefore submit our cards, or is there an official way that the club has to setup the competitions that makes this more complex? 


Thanks for any replies!