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Replacement Shaft

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Hi guys,


I'm looking for a recommendation for a replacement shaft for my Cleveland HiBore XLS 3 wood. It was originally fitted with a Fujikura Red Tour Trajectory Stiff Flex Shaft but due to a mishap on the weekend I'm looking for a replacement. I know I could just buy a new 3 wood but I've grown to love this club and have a matching driver and 5 wood. I have a good balance of control and distance with the club and I know most of this is probably down to the shaft but along with this the club at address has always given me confidence. 


Anyway, back to the point of this thread. I'm looking for an equivalent replacement. The Fujikura spec is as follows: Weight 65g, Torque 3.1, Kickpoint Mid/High, Flex Stiff. 


Shaft also has to be available to buy after market in the UK.


Many thanks in anticipation of your help.




In my bag:


Driver: Cleveland HiBore XLS Draw 9Stiff

Woods: Cleveland HiBore XLS 3 and 5 Wood Stiff

Hybrids: Adams Idea a12 OS 19o and 22Stiff

Irons: Cleveland Ta6 5-PW

Wedges: MD Golf Seve Icon 52o and 56o 

Putter: Odyssey White Hot Pro No9

Bag: Titleist Sta-Dry Stand Bag

Ball: Srixon AD333

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Many recommend Aldila

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The Fujikura Motore F1 65 is pretty close in terms of specs, but I'm not sure how it would compare regarding feel.

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Cleveland HiBore XLS is rather old now - consequently quite a few turn up on Ebay on a regular basis - complete with Fujikura Red stiff shafts attached. It's certainly a lot cheaper than buying an aftermarket equivalent and getting it fitted. Prices are around £40 and the match is exact rather than a near equivalent. The F1 65 is NOT a close match IMO and frankly there are around a coupled of hundred other shafts that meet the 65g mid/high criteria which would be a closer match, but it would be easier to buy the real thing rather than speculate on what would or wouldn't be an equivalent to the club you want. 

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I hadn't really thought of just buying a club from ebay for use of the shaft.

It's an old club but one I like, I still hit it further than any new clubs I've tried at demo days. Plus I like the looks (not everyone's cup of tea I know!).

Thanks for the help!

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