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My Swing (603Golf)

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Thank you for any help/suggestions!  I've been trying stack & tilt for a few months now, and while it does help compress the ball my flight path has been very inconsistent and I'm prone to a fat shot from time to time


I've been Playing Golf for:​ 1 year

My current handicap index or average score is: 18

My typical ball flight is: Inconsistent...slight fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: long iron slice, short iron push & pull






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That is a pretty good looking swing for someone playing just one year.  Couple of things:


  1. For the down the line shot, move the camera/phone back so we can see your whole body, ball and hands/club all the way to the top.
  2. Have the camera aim along your foot line (toes).  This gives viewers the advantage of seeing where your club head is in relation to your hands at the various back and down swing positions.  We can also see your hand path during the swing.
  3. Have the camera set up about the height of your hands at set up or your waist level.
  4. For face on, same applies, let us see the ball and your whole body and swing.  Have the camera aim at your left armpit or there about and have it about hand height or waist height..


This takes a bit of practice (I know!).  I set up then put a club at my feet and then set the camera up.  This makes it much easier for my instructor.



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Thanks Boogie!  I'll try to get out to the range and try that soon and post back.

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Originally Posted by 603Golf View Post

Thanks Boogie!  I'll try to get out to the range and try that soon and post back.

Looking forward to it.  

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Hi Boogie,


I was able to get out to the range at lunch, but only got a Down the Line video.  You can at least see my whole body in this one though...does this help at all?  Thanks again!


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Filming looks much better.  I am at work now, but a quick comment:  You are taking the club back a bit too far inside.  Then your transition to the down swing becomes very steep when your left arm is parallel to the ground (position A5).  The shaft is pointed well inside the ball.  I have this exact same issue.  I will post a drill my instructor has given me later.


This causes you to correct to get the shaft on plane at impact.  The pulls are caused by this as are the long iron issues.


Other members may see other things and help.

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Thank you Boogie I appreciate it...I see what you're saying too.  Almost looks like a loop to get back to the ball...

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From what I can see from your face-on swing, I think you do a great job of keeping a steady head and having a stable lower body. I really struggle with that. I think you may not have enough weight forward at impact, though. Perhaps that's why you are hitting some shots fat. The pros may want to correct me on my observation, but your hips don't seem to slide forward quite enough at impact to my eyes.

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Here is the drill that my Evolvr instructor, Stephan ( @sk golf ) gave me to work on this issue.  I call it the A4-5 drill.  You basically exaggerate the motion from A4, the top, to A5 where the lead arm is parallel to the ground.  Then swing from there.  I am rushing this one a bit.  The idea is to do it slowly.  I am exaggerating flattening the shaft to have it point at or over the ball (toward the bucket).  I still fight the tendency to get too steep, but it is improving.


Check out this thread for more practice tips.


 Simple, Specific, Slow, Short, and Success - The Five "S"s of Great Practice 


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Thank you both for the suggestions it is much appreciated.  I will try that drill Boogie.

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