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Choking down on club grip

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Played a round of golf this morning and did real well driving using my 5 Wood and 9 Wood. Because there was a fairly good breeze today, the winds did effect my driving a bit with these two clubs, especially because of the loft I get with these two clubs. So I began thinking, that if only I could hit a driver as straight as I do with my 5 and 9 wood, then the winds wouldn't hurt me as much. Then I began wondering if it might be possible for me to hit the ball straight with a driver or a 3 wood if I really chocked down on my club grip.My driver has a 10.5 loft and my 3 wood has a 15 loft. Guess I will have to experiment to find out.


Any thoughts?

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I mentioned this in another post yesterday


"to choke a club (grip a club, 1" or 1&1/2") from the grip end, creates very active hands in a swing.


Many individuals who are short in height (less than 5'7" tall) learn to play using that method.

They usually have a compact, smooth swing, and make great contact and have shorter fingers to grip the club on the narrow area of the grip."


Also there is a current thread about using an 80% swing which could enlighten your thoughts.


The harder a ball is hit, the more it spins. The more it spins, the further it fly's.

It also fly's more left and right, unless it has been hit pure.


An old saying "when it's breeze, swing easy"


Club Rat

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You hit your 5 and 9 woods more accurately for the same reason everybody hits their 8,9,PW more accurate than their 3,4,5 irons,,,,,LOFT(and shorter shaft)!!!!!

Ball gets up in the air quicker and lands softer. Bad shots tend to not get in as much trouble.


But you do bring up a good point on club length. I'm sure everyone here will disagree with me but I don't think the length they make today's Drivers at 46 - 45.5 does much good at all for the average player. Sure you may gain a couple extra yards when you finally nail it a few times a month but overall it creates more problems than not.


A properly fitted 45" or less Driver with 9.5* - 10* or greater of loft would likely help find more fairways(at likely the same or better distance) in my opinion!

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