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Legs Are Destroyed




Food Totals for the day

To those who don't know this website, MyFitnessPal.com is an amazing tool for those who want to keep track of what they eat. The database it has is very extensive and you can add stuff in. You can also add in recipes you might use a lot so you don't have to keep trying to add everything again. Maybe you eat the same breakfast 4 days a week. Just create that as it's own recipe. 

Today I did well. I am thinking of dumping the bagel in the morning. My main goal is to keep my foot intake from the morning and lunch to about 900-1200. At work food is less likely to be available. So hitting that range helps make sure I don't do something like 1800 by lunch then I am really tight in the evening. 

Today I destroyed my legs. Just a lot of bodyweight leg stuff in circuit. I should not have done that last set of walking lunges. Right my hip adductors are pissed off at me. My quads are pretty much toast. Moving slowly and relaxing tonight will be nice. I did about 30 minutes of circuit stuff. Going through leg work out to some upper body sets. Mixed in some planks and bosu ball crunches. Throw in the typical stretch routine and call it a day. I would say I was a tad under my 1000 deficit I wanted. 




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Heh heh, wait until you get into that 24-36 hour range :pound:

Eat your protein, drink water, keep stretching and foam roll if you can. I'd recommend the half kneeling hip flexor stretch, you might already do it but it's a good one.

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I recommend the Trigger Point foam rollers. They're awesome. Hollow, last forever, and are extra firm for a good roll/massage/etc.


Done. I love linking my Chase Credit Card Rewards to my Amazon account. I was looking for something to buy with those points.  :) 

Heh heh, wait until you get into that 24-36 hour range :pound:

Eat your protein, drink water, keep stretching and foam roll if you can. I'd recommend the half kneeling hip flexor stretch, you might already do it but it's a good one.

Yea, I am feeling it now. I've done the layoff from working out before. So I know this discomfort all too well. Today will be a day of stretching and relaxing. 

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