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Strength Training and Walking

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This is just a nice story about what's happened to me after more strength training the last 2.5 months.

I'm in my mid 40's, in good shape, but not at all a fitness junkie or gymrat. I typically walk, but the last 2.5 mos I've been playing all my rounds w/ my dad, who is currently in chemo, and we've been riding together. During this time, I also started a much more rigorous strength training regimen (again inspired by my dad's challenges), and have made decent progress. My cardio regimen didn't change.

I've never felt tired walking 18, or so I thought. Yesterday, I walked 18 for the first time in the last few months, and I was surprised at how light the bag felt (I carry).  Although there's a good chance i'm biased in my memory, it felt like my shoulders were lighter, I had a lighter step, and that energy made it easier to be a little more stable in my golf swing. Previously, walking was never a big effort, but there was an effort. But yesterday's round felt effortless. I felt I could have played another sport like tennis or basketball w/ no problem, right off the 18th green. 

So yea, feeling fantastic and I recommend it! 


(I did consider putting this in the fitness thread, but thought it kinda fit more here. mods feel free to move it)

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    • I mean, I’ll still watch and I agree it’s not on the players themselves...they’re just trying to take advantage of the current day and age with getting bigger and stronger. I would just like to see the PGA combat that more, whether it be tweaking equipment or growing out rough to insane levels at over 300 yards.   My concern is simply this: accuracy off the tee isn’t as big a deal anymore...hitting it 400 yards is. I’m just hoping that trend in the fame doesn’t continue.
    • Like him or hate him, I enjoyed seeing JS and JT having it out in the top 10. Really hope  to see him get it back together. Its like Wolfe and Morikawa. What a great competition that could make.    
    • A couple of local courses closed or will be closing.  The Golf Club at Mount Brighton, a public course laid out on and near a local ski area, closed this year.  The course was less than 20 years old.  It originally opened with much fanfare as "The Jackal". The new owner (same group that owns Vail ski area) decided to focus on skiing.  I played the course only twice over the years and was not excited about the layout.  I never like seeing a course close but this one won't be missed too much. Salem Hills, a fixture locally since 1963, announced it will close in October.  The family that owned the course did not want to invest the money to upgrade the infrastructure   There is no buyer currently.  I have played this course off and on for 40 years.  I suspect it will become a housing development.  I hope I am wrong. I have to smile about one occurrence years ago.  A foursome of Japanese players was ahead of us one day.  We all ended up waiting on the 11th tee (very tough hole and always backed up).  When they finally were able to tee off, the last member of the foursome scuffed his tee shot and it went about 50 yards, stopping on the forward tee.  One of the group's members turned to us, smiled and said, "Straight ... but not very far".  We all had a good laugh and we always re-used that phrase when we would duff a shot.
    • Never know Wolff's swing was so unusual.  That twitch he has to start it is also interesting.  It's def going to distract me as I watch today's final round. 😄
    • I get that. It's been a relatively dry year here, and I wore them yesterday. They're not waterproof, but they are water resistant. A little dew, a wet area that was just sprinkled… you'll be okay. Also, I added the review text above to the first post. @saevel25, you have a pair of these. What do you think?
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