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Custom Made MacGregor Irons for Jack Dempsey

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Hi All,

I made a 6 hour round trip run from Wisconsin to Michigan this Saturday to buy some interesting MacGregor irons listed on FB Marketplace and would like to share them with you.  I’m new to collecting and would appreciate your thoughts on just what I have here.  I think they possibly could be custom made clubs for Jack Dempsey, the boxer.  I’ve seen newspaper articles from the 1920’s and later that indicated he enjoyed golfing.

The shafts are MacGregor LO FLEX ACTION.  The clubs look like they were well used, but cared for.  The wear on the club faces looks pretty consistent, placement and amount of.  No significant scars on the soles.  The grips appear to have been kept clean and are in good shape.  I think they will soften up nicely with some leather conditioner.

The clubs were in Holland, Michigan (SW-Michigan).  I believe that the previous owner got them at a yard or garage sale.  He's a really nice guy and said that he will reach out to the person that he bought them from to see what he can find out about the missing #3 & #7 irons.  I offered a finders fees to him if he can locate the missing clubs.  That offer extends to you all here too.

I’d love to hear some opinions from the MacGregor experts out there – thanks! 

Regards, Brad











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Welcome.  Search the following...MacGregor Jack Burke Celebrity Colokrom Wedge - copper face.  Note that the shaft band is the same.  Also...it is the only MacGregor iron I could find with 112 stamped on the head...and it says "wedge".  

If memory serves...Jack Burke won the Masters in 1956.  

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

The Jack Dempsey clubs do share a lot of the features of the Jack Burke wedge - thanks for the information!  I'm new to vintage clubs and am enjoying the process of learning.


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