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My Swing (TPowell1990)

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I've been Playing Golf for: Around 20 years or so off and on.
My current handicap index or average score is: Hard to say my cap as I believe my course hasn't been reviewed in such a long time but I consistently break 80 on a par 72 course if I'm playing decently
My typical ball flight is: Mostly straight with irons but a big fade/slice with the longer clubs
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The big banana ball with the longer clubs


I've played a lot of sports with good success including golf for a while but I've always been very unorthodox style wise. I'm trying to be more technical swing wise as I really struggle otherwise when I don't get to play multiple times a week. I worked with a good instructor locally for about a year and made good progress but I don't really want to make the drive there and spend the money on many more lessons. I'm just curious what people think so far. Below are some of the issues I've had and corrected (partly) and the videos are all with a PW or so. The DTL view was a flush PW right at the target and the side view was fat and pulled which was fairly unusual for me for a miss. 


1. Very shut club face at the top which led to me "saving it" at the bottom with a ton of shaft lean that led to big issues hitting anything but low and weak slices with longer clubs

2. After correcting the shut club face, I couldn't release the club properly still so I had many of the same issues

3. I'm very quick at the top typically especially with my arms/shoulders.








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It looks like according to others my turn is WAY too big which is fine as that day I experimented with a bigger turn in hopes of staying more inside but I'll definitely shorten that up. Curious what others see outside of the turn being too much and the reverse pivot with the head. 

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    • Thank you! I considered the Bat Caddy models and definitely considered the Alphord eWheels V2. I did want a cart that had a swivel front wheel for sharper turns and less wear on the front wheel. I could have bought a cart like that and added the V2 but thought this was the easiest for me. The cost would have been comparable. There were a couple of other carts on the long list but their prices were simply too high for me to consider at this time. Please edit away. I thought I'd put the name of the cart in the title but I must have missed doing so. Sorry. And, in case anyone were to wonder - I have no financial interest whatsoever in any of the cart manufacturers. I will see what I can do about a few more images but I didn't want to go overboard. Indeed I did and I looked very closely at your suggestion. It was a good one and had some great reviews so thanks again for that.
    • Im not actually trying to apply those changes..but bumping my hip forward for all full swings makes it hard to feel correct in not bumping it or moving it back for the chip.  It's like I then have a hard time feeling 55 percent of my weight on my front foot.. I'll obviously get it corrected I just didn't expect my chipping setup to feel so alien so quickly. Actually, my problem is the opposite.  I did nothing but competitive sports..I was in Martial Arts for 15 years and when sparring if someone talked shit or tried to use "gamesmanship" it would do nothing but piss me off and make them more bloody and lose quicker than they otherwise would have.  I didn't have play a "gentleman's" game and anger was a benefit.  I also was a pitcher through school and the madder I got the harder I threw... Golf is exactly the opposite...I can't use emotion to fuel my performance because it does nothing but make me suck..It doesn't help that I didn't start playing until I was 27 and so used to letting my emotion fuel victory.  It's been hard to keep that in check..
    • Reading your comments I ask myself if you have played competitive sports in any fashion. If it bothers you enough you either need thicker skin, or maybe stop playing in tournaments. Of all the things in the world golf is the least effected by outside influences. Its you, your ball, your swing, your thoughts that determine the score on the card. Shake it off the guy might just be a jerk but what he is doing isnt against the rules.  As others have said, If you want a confidence boost, when he says something about hitting over a lake or whatever, you nut the shot and hit it how you envisioned. Thats enough of a statement right there. If you let him get in your head he wont stop. If you keep playing good golf and dont react mentally or physically to what he is saying it will get old and he will stop.
    • I bought that same cart last year from Costco for $1500. I like that I can control it from 20-30yds away so it can get to my ball before I do, or it can start moving to the next hole while I am getting off the green. What I didn’t like is if I want to walk under the umbrella - I cannot find the right speed. It’s either too slow or too fast for my pace to walk alongside it. I also think the uphill balancing wheel is too small and if I forgot to extend it, the cart will tip over since my course is at the foothills and there are lots of slopes to climb. A few weeks after buying it, the price went down to $1200. Costco was nice enough to give me the difference eventhough they didn’t have to. I have only used it for a few months - I ended up getting a golf cart because I didn’t want to walk anymore. Then a few months later I joined a different club that included carts in my membership, so I now have an electric push cart and a golf cart sitting in my garage collecting dust...
    • My mother's son remembers polio.  😉 I remember the scare, and a friend of mine wearing those metal leg braces.  He turned out OK, and I played basketball against him in high school. We didn't have "vents", but we had "Iron Lungs." In 1952, the number of polio cases in the U.S. peaked at 57,879, resulting in 3,145 deaths.   The deadly polio epidemic and why it matters for coronavirus Polio was nearly eradicated with the Salk vaccine in 1955. At the time, little was known about this mysterious disease that paralyzed and sometimes killed young children.   Actually 1 American died every 33 seconds yesterday. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/02/health/us-coronavirus-wednesday/index.html
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