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Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance

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Hey everyone looking to trade my scotty cameron futura x dual balance! Putter is in great condition and the headcover is included. Looking for a blade or mallet style putter. I may be able to arrange free shipping in Canada but also willing to ship elsewhere. It is 38 inches but meant to be played as a 35 due to the counterweight in the grip.  







Cleveland Hibore xls tour w/ fujikura gold, stiff
Northwestern - 5 wood
3-9 silverback 845cm
48, 54, 60 (silver scot) DetourBalls WarbirdBag Warbird Hot I want a 1 and 2 hybrid.....any recommendations?

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    • Day 1: Sep 25 Stomach bug forced a training reset. No matter, back to work… Indoor drills working on takeaway & transition. Followed up by putting practice on a mat. Good to get on with it again.
    • We were on Aero Island in Denmark. We took a side trip to see a lighthouse on the other side of the island. Turns out, the lighthouse is part of the Aero Golf Club. The club sits on a point of land adjacent to the Baltic Sea. The phots are: Lighthouse, view of clubhouse from lighthouse, and lighthouse view of several of the seaside holes. The course is in great shape. Full 18 hole par 72 with range and practice area. Next time I bring my clubs. p.s. there was a gentle 60 km breeze. 😉  
    • Good suggestion on the profile update. And yes, I had wanted to get to a place where I could play year round golf. 
    • Day 32: Hit balls with 4, 6, and 8 iron, focus was just to be athletic. Last round I felt wooden over the ball and swinging the club, so just wanted to have fluid motion today. 
    • Day 79: Did a putting session on my mat, working on raising the handle at address. Also did a bit of mirror work, just working on some set up stuff (grip, arms, and ball position). 
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