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Titleist Players Gloves

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Titleist Players Glove
Brand new gloves straight from Titleist. I have 4 gloves in sizes small x2, cadet small, and cadet medium. One of the best gloves in the game. Just don't play enough to go through all these gloves that I have.

$17 shipped each or $60 shipped for all 4.


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    • Welcome to TST!  I grew up in North Jersey (Bergen County)...even though I haven't lived there in a while, I've played a good bit of golf up there.
    • So I am having some shaft confusion. I've read all over the internet and forums to always error on the side of a "softer" shaft, and that the majority of men are hitting shafts that are too stiff for them. I also read that the effects of too stiff of a shaft are low shots to the right and too soft of a shaft are high draws. This mechanically doesn't make any sense to me, unless your highest point of acceleration is well before impact. From,  "The ball may tend to draw a bit more from the forward bending of the shaft at impact causing the face to rotate past square to be slightly closed." If you are accelerating through the impact as you are supposed to, a soft shaft club head would still be bent open behind the shaft at impact. At least to my understanding of physics.  I bring this up because I have been fighting a high slice with my driver for years. I knew some of it was mechanics, swing plane and swinging too hard but always had an embedded itch that the damn club face was lagging too far behind. I have done work on a simulator to understand and fix my swing plane and I hit my irons well. But I could never get the driver to go straight unless I slowed down my swing quite a bit. This is a very unsatisfying and un-athletic fix in my head and put an artificial ceiling on my game. I had planned on going to a pro and being fitted for a driver properly at the end of the season, but when a great offer showed up I took a gamble. I ignored all the information above and went with my gut and got an extra stiff shaft. I definitely seem to be hitting the new driver much straighter and a better height. Is this a placebo effect? Something else? I know that regular/stiff/etc are arbitrary and there are no standards, so I tried to compare weight, torque and kickpoint. Torque and bend are the same from all I can find, but my old shaft was 58 grams( I think) and the new one is 76. I do have a good swing speed, over 100mph I'm sure. My inexpensive simulator clocks me at 110-115, but Im not sure if I believe it.  My new driver has a 60 day money back guarantee, so Im  trying to get help understanding whether this is in my head, new driver love, or a stiffer shaft was the correct fix for me despite all the info to the opposite. Thanks for your time and hit em well!      
    • Our annual trip is coming up in three weeks. Has anyone played down there recently and care to give me a report?
    • Here's what happened. I went golfing today, figuring with the holiday coming up, the course might start getting busy.  On a par 4, my 2nd shot lands in a green side bunker. Really soft, fluffy sand. On my 3rd swing, the ball comes out, but I hit the ball again, while it's in the air, on the same stroke with the shaft of my club. The ball rolls into the hole. I holed out for par on the hit that caused the penalty stroke.  I used rule 14.4, adding a one penalty stroke.  The guy I am paired with, another walk on, previously unknown to me, says I have to add 2 strokes instead of one. I say no problem, and let it go at that. At the end of my round, with that 1 stroke penalty I card a 79. Is this correct?
    • Hi everyone haven't been on in a while very busy and only started playing in last couple of months again. Moved house so at a new club for me with a championship course and a shorter track 6200 yds. The shorter valley course comfortable at this length and can shoot sub 90 regular. This week though weather was great and due to lots of people playing went out on the 7093 yd beast. It was hard but fun. Shot 93. Front nine riddled with water as it heads out into the heart of a reed bed. Tightest fairways I've ever seen. Back nine then changes wide fairways lots of elevation changes.47/46 split but felt much more comfortable on the back nine. I'm doing everything competently but nothing spectacular. It's more that tee shot that drifts right or an under hit pitch or a slightly heavy iron.  Lack of play big part of that but no shot scares me now but like a bogey golfer it's hitting more clean shots as opposed to having to learn to hit shots. So close to playing really well but not quite managing it for a long enough stretch.
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