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3-Ball Test

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I'm posting this just to give the results of an unscientific test I did today on three golf balls. Titleist ProV1, Titleist DT SoLo, and Srixon SL.

To give some basis for comparison, I play mid-70 to low-80 golf on a 6,500 yard course. My swing speed is in the 90-100 range.

The way this happened was I got behind some slow players this morning. There were a couple of ladies behind me that I let play through, and after that no one.

I've been playing the Srixon SL, have had a freaky-good feeling about the SoLo, and just refuse to pay for Titleist Pro Vs. The one I tested today was given to me for entering a golf tournament.

The end result--I couldn't tell two bits worth of difference between the three balls. The Pro V felt lighter and crisper coming off the club, the SoLo seemed to come off higher. I've been using SLs so I'm satisfied with everything about them.

On the first hole I played, downhill and down wind, the ProV outdrove the SL by about two yards, at 254 on the GPS machine. The SoLo caught the rough so I couldn't compare its distance. On the last hole, uphill and up wind with a wet fairway,I uncharacteristically hit three drives that were within 10-15 feet of each other and they all measured 224-226 on my GPS device. That was almost all carry.

I hit one chip shot with the ProV that checked up much like the SL does. I didn't have a chance to test the SoLo in that category but in the past have found that they don't bite as well with short chips and approaches.

My conclusion. I could play either. I like the SoLo because I can get them for almost half the price of the premium balls. But I'll probably stick with the SL because it's at least as good as the others and I like its light green color the best.

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Originally Posted by Bobtrumpet

The DT SoLo is also available in yellow.

(By SL I assume you mean the Srixon Z-Star SL.)

You are correct on both. I could play either of the balls with almost-equal confidence.

I really like the Bridgestone B-330S but it doesn't come in yellow.

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