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More Range Troubles, lol..

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Been goin to the range a bit more lately in an attempt to get my driver goin before golf trip next weekend. And it has come a long ways from where it was most of this year (it killed me this season).

My irons on the other hand have been pretty good. However, at the range these last few times if I pick up an iron...I swear I will shank at least 75-80% of the balls I hit. The type of shank is a weird very harsh slice. Where it just starts right and continues curling that way, very short distance...almost like it went off the toe or the face is wide open at impact, cant figure out which.

Last weekend, some buddies and I went to the range, and this happened every shot with my 7i which i usually love. So i put it away and just worked on my driver. We decided to go golf right after, and my first iron shot on the course was absolutely fine. And all subsequent iron shots were fine too. I mean they werent like throwin darts at the stick, but they were struck well enough to be ok or better.

I know at this point the range thing has to be purely mental, but its not allowing me to work on the damn things at all there because I cant even just hit one. No matter how hard or soft I swing lol. I really don't even know what to try to knock it out of me because it seems like everything I try or w/e I say to myself doesnt work. Whats odd as well is, earlier in the year I could hit my irons real well at the range, but hit nasty duck hooks over and over with the driver. Why can't it all just work at the SAME TIME! lol.

Ever deal with this?!

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The shank you described is caused by the ball coming off the hosel of the club.

I had these happen to me a while ago and I realized that on the range I would stand closer to the ball than normal.

I would say try setting up using the exact same routine you do on the course,

for me I figured that hitting off the mats, which seemed small, and having people on either side of me made me stand too close to the ball and  take short swings with my arms too close to my body.

I think the other thing that caused mine were standing too upright and having too much tension in my arm.

Hope this helps

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