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Where to play public or private in Westchester

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Ok folks, if you play the county courses you have probably experienced the joy of the 5 hour round. I personally like the courses. I've played Maple Moor and Saxon Woods mainly, and the conditions are generally very good. However, the number of golfers crowding the course even on weekdays is crazy sometimes. Add in the weirdos trying to "shop" for new balls by picking up shots you just hit on the fairway and it's enough to make you want to join a private club.

Anyone have similar experiences, funny stories or suggestions for good courses that don't break the bank? Also any private clubs offering special deals to get members? Now may be the time to think about jumping into a private club if the price is right.


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So update: I go to Maple Moor the other day and my friend and I get right onto the first tee without anyone waiting and just one guy ahead of us moving fairly swiftly. We basically played the front 9 as if it were a private club. No people behind us, great conditions and we could even practice putting a bit on the greens if the we had to wait a minute for the guy in front to tee off. We even walked the course for the first time cause it was too nice not too.

All was got late in the day so the course started pushing people on the front and back nines for quick mini-rounds. Now we had people crowded up in front of us and other catching up behind as we had to wait more.

Overall, not bad. We still finished our round in under 4 hours...mainly because we moved so fast at the beginning. But even on quiet day you get reminded that this is no country club.


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I gave in and joined Lake Isle in Eastchester as a non-resident. For the past two years they have brought in a new groundskeeper and the conditions are great. It's a short par 70 course with little water to watch for. Overall a great place to work on your game and improve but I can see it becoming boring after awhile.

I love being to just go to the club at anytime and hit a few holes. I do feel it is very expensive for what it is. I pay around $2500/yr for weekday golf only. Plus they charge you $7 per round for a handcart to walk the course even if you carry your bag or use your own pushcart. After 3 they don't charge the fee, but it seems kinda nickel and diming to me. Also you pay to hit on the driving range. For a few hundred dollars more than what I pay for single weekday golf only an in-town resident can get full family access with 7-day golf, swimming and tennis for the entire family. A great deal if you live in Eastchester.

Even so being in Westchester, $2500/yr is about as good as it gets for a semi-private course. Rounds rarely ever go more than 4 hours and weekdays are fairly quiet with no tee time reservations needed. If I joined a private club it would likely cost at least $12-$15k a year plus initiation costs.


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    • Where is the hole in your game?  Do you struggle close to the green?  Then look at lob wedge.  If you find yourself always needing a 200 yard club then go for a wood or driving iron. I would suggest since you already mentioned you don't hit your hybrid so well replacing it as well.  I don't hit hybrids myself, but there are many different types of hybrids from fat sole driving irons to short shaft woods.  A true hybrid will go a lot farther than an iron of the same loft making a 5 hybrid get into you 3 iron range.  If you go this route I would suggest a 2 and 4 hybrid to cover the gap between driver and irons. My personal preference is toward big fairway woods.  Most people will carry at least a 3 wood.  Lots of pros are using a strong 3 wood, whether it is called a 2 wood, 3+, or mini driver, these guys are using 11 to 14 degree woods with lots of club head speed to get 300 yards out of their fairway wood.  But with slower swings that most amateurs have they should be using a 12 to 14 degree driver meaning they should be using more loft on their fairway wood as well.  To go this route you might want to look at a 4 wood and 7 wood setup.  A 7 wood should be around the same yardage as a 3 hybrid. One last suggestion.  Find a 2nd hand store and look at some older model clubs.  You might just run across a 1 iron for less than $10.  For that price you could grab a hand full of long irons, hybrids, and woods that you can then hit the driving range and find what works for you.  
    • So IMO, if there are easier options to hit that can produce similar results, why play blades?  I had a set of Titleist 710 Cavity Backs and sold them for blades. Simply because they looked cool, and "all good golfers play blades". Well, I wasnt as good a ball striker that I thought I was. I now play AP2's and my handicap is as low as its ever been. For guys like Jordan Spieth and Luke Donald in your example, if they hit it pure most of the time, why risk that 1% where you dont pure it and the blade iron leaves you 15 yards short of your target and in a creek/hazard.  The technology in irons today is incredible for hitting high shots while still being able to work the ball plenty. Im not knocking anyone who plays blades, because that is impressive. It all comes down to preference.
    • KFC fried chicken scented sunscreen.   
    • Exactly, it comes up a lot in some of those "senior" golf tip sections on TV and in Magazines. We don't have those twist-o-flex spines anymore like we did in our 20's, so a little head start helps. But I think ANYONE can use it to help rotation. We may THINK we get around a lot, but sadly if you saw yourself on video... not so much. Then I wouldn't do it with the long irons. :^)  But seriously, folks... I run into this as well and it's my hands... I will tend to flip and steer the club trying to get the perfect ball flight. Hands get ahead and it's pulled or hooked. REALLY trying to keep my head behind the ball and WATCH the club hit the ball helps a bit, though. Good Luck.
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