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Callaway Driver and Fairway Wood

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Right now I own the Callaway Octane Driver and the Octane fairway wood.   Due to back issues, could not play until the end of the golf season last year for about 8 rounds.  I was hitting the Octane Driver well, but noticed that my ball flight was very high.   I had the stock Grafalloy Project X 5.0 (regular Flex) shaft.

Two years ago, had some numbers on the launch monitor with my coach.  Summary of that session and then the recommendation of purchasing the Octane.

ClubSpeed Ball Velocity Launch Angle Ball Spin
93.8184375 137.68125 15.815625 2278.40625

Here is the info on the Octane driver.

Loft Lie CC Face Angle Available In Length Swing Weight
9.5° 57° 460 Square RH Only 46 D4

The shaft is 60 weight, Mid Torque, Low Kick point.

I was considering either changing the shaft, or getting the newer X-Hot driver as that shaft (Project X again) has a slightly higher kick point.   While I seem to be on the border with my swing speed, I was going to stick with the Regular flex shaft.

I have always liked the Callaway Drivers/Woods, so will probably stick with this brand.



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If possible, get on the launch monitor and compare different drivers and shafts.

Also, don't rule out the XFit Extreme, or the original XFit. If you're working on your game, the ability to make slight adjustments might prove useful.

As for shafts, be sure to consider weight differences. Recent reports indicate that lighter shafts may be more difficult to control for the average golfer, because you can't feel them well on takeaway and at the top. Too-light shafts can be difficult to "drop into the slot."

As for kickpoint, this tends to be a fine-tuning factor. The guys at GolfWorks say shaft flex and weight are more critical.


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    • Just a typo. Worth reading the article though.
    • My goalsfor the year are three fold but they all have the number 50. Between April 15 and October 15. 1. Play 50 rounds  2. Driving Range Practice 50 times 3. Dedicated putting/chipping session 50 times To get me in the spirit of things I'm reading a book on Father Son Tom Morris and The Greatest Game Ever Played.   I'm going to be buying this putter because I have a hand tremor, this putter was designed for that which should help my game astronomically.   Last year I also started dialing in my wedge game by buying a Cleveland 52 56 and 60 degree wedge.  If you have never used a 60 degree wedge you have to try it .  It has changed my short game incredibly.  I also have a good teacher to go to so here's hoping for a great season.   Join me me on my quest for 50.
    • So today I was luck enough to play golf in February in Wisconsin. I changed my irons, 3w, and hybrid going into this season.  I haven't posted much since October that will be changing.  My wife and I bought a house which is a awesome yet a pain in the ass all at the same time.  On Halloween (my birthday) our furnace wouldn't work and on christmas eve a big piece of ice fell off our roof and smashed our A/C unit.   Those issues plus some other remodeling has kept me off TST and completely away from golf.  I played in a scramble on 10/23/16.  Haven't picked up a club until Saturday since that outing (well except to move them from our apartment to our house). I will hopefully be playing a similar amount as last year and working on improving my swing.  I will be getting a updated swing on here once we get some more good weather.  It looks like it will be back into the 30's in a few days. This was my round today. I felt pretty good other than a few swings.  Its pretty cool to get 2 rounds of golf in already this year. 
    • We've discussed how bogus the "timing" thing is in other threads… but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that a few mm swinging at 80 MPH or whatever is not going to amount to much "time" to "square" the clubface. Offset works because it tends to make people aim the clubface to the left. They line up the toe and the hosel, and the clubface points left.
    •   Haven't done this in a while... here's my current swing with 6 iron Haven't kept a legit handicap, but first three rounds this year have been +3, +4, +2   what i'm working on: 1. shortening my backswing in order to stay more connected going forward 2. more side tilt in the downswing/getting the bottom of my swing forward to eliminate that unsightly flippy action and lower ball flight 3. eliminating the early extension just before impact... which should straighten itself out once I take care of #2.   any advice appreciated gents!
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