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Can you wash headcovers?

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Dylanl    0
Has anyone on here washed their driver or woods headcovers in the washing machine? I've had my R11 for awhile now and the headcover has had a skunky smell ever since I've had it. If you leave it in a room awhile it's enough to leave the smell in the room. I wanted to try running it through the wash to see if it would help any but wasn't sure if you were supposed to.

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dataris17    0
I havent but why not? Go ahead. Maybe don't put it in the dryer if youre afraid of it shrinking, but I'm sure washer will be fine (and dryer probably would be fine too).

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nevets88    805

I would try hand washing it with laundry detergent and letting it soak for 10 minutes (have never done this myself - soaking shouldn't be harmful though) if that doesn't work, use bleach for colored fabric. If you have tassles or pom poms, I'd be reluctant to put it in a machine, if I did, I'd use the gentle cycle.

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Dylanl    0
I washed and dried it yesterday and it seems fine. Washed it on gentle and dried it on low and it looks like new still. I washed it with cold water and it still has a little smell so I'm gonna try warm water tonight to hopefully get rid of it completely.

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