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Hello everyone!

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TheNewKid12    0

Hello Everyone,

Sorry to bother you all with such a question but i am new to golf. By new i mean i have played once. The one time i played i shot a 56 (+20) I have never ever played golf before because i have always thought it was stupid. Much to my poor assumption i ended up loving it. Now i am 5"10 and am 15, i am a lefty and i really want to keep golfing. Did i do as bad as the person i played with made me feel like i did or did i do somewhat decent. i truly do not know much about golf so sorry if this is a stupid commonly asked question. Its hard getting help from the person i play with because he is right handed and is my age so he is not a very good teacher... Any tips whether it is a youtube video or anything would be appreciated.

thanks, TheNewKid

Edit: by the way if it helps i play baseball football and basketball but am thinking of narrowing it down a little

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Wally    0
I'd say that's very good for just playing your first 9 holes. Check out Mark Crossfield's videos on YouTube. He has 2 channels, "Mark Crossfield" and "4golfonline". He has helped me tremendously and I have learned a lot about my swing and the golf swing in general because of him. I'd be pretty surprised if his videos don't help your game.

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Wally    0
Thank you!

You're welcome. Glad I could help. Also, I suggest making a swing video for the Member Swing section of the site so people can give you swing tips, drills you dhould practice based on your swing, and advice.

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    • My approach to the short game is to know my distance based on how far back I take the club. So I practice this with my 56 degree wedge, pitching wedge and 9 or 8 iron with a 1/4 and 1/2 backswing, sometimes a little more or less,  maintaining the club face toward the target after impact.  I feel very confident with regards to distance control so my focus is on making good contact with the ball. 
    • Sept. 21 Stopped at course after work. Practiced 8i chip shots and up-and-downs (chip and putter) for 15 minutes. On chip shots, I have bad habit of focusing on cup rather than the desired landing point along way to cup. Still had some mental error chips despite today's focus.
    • Oh, I see....good idea. I copied it and works great.  I simply took two screw eyes, screwed into the end of a real feel mat, and then ran two small, elastic shock cords (1/8  inch with plastic ball ends) through the eyes, tied the other ends together and secured the middle of  this "loop" under a rubber wooden tee holder secured by a galvlanized nail.  A couple of ball bungies would also do the trick. Took all of 40 seconds to make. Since mine is on top of artificial turf, I did not want to punch any large holes that a large plastic lawn spike would make. The small nail makes a negligible hole and dissappears once the nail is removed if you need to move the mat. Thanks for the idea.
    • Obviously I can't offer much in the way of advice but in the last year my 5w has gone from one of my most trusted clubs to one that causes anxiety. What has helped me is coming down at a slightly steeper angle of attack and simply concentrating on hitting a bit more down on the ball... not like an iron, but less of that "sweeping" attack as is often suggested. Good luck and I hope someone can provide some useful advice.
    • I am extremely comfortable chipping from the rough compared to the fairway. I am not exactly sure why, and I know I need to get some lessons. (I plan on getting some in the spring since its already so late in year up here in PA.) In my approach I would much rather put it left, right, or far then to leave it short. I feel this way because its a lot easier to get the ball up and down sitting right were you want it. I am talking from within 40 yards. When in the fairway I have distance control problems within 40 yards. I feel its because of the inconsistency of the launch angle. If I hit it to hard the angle is to low and I launch over the green and if I hit it to soft the angle is to high and just comes up short.  I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way or if this was typical for a high handicapper to like the rough from within 40 yards?
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