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Advice for switch hitting

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I tweaked an old injury in my lrft shoulder and have seriously thought about switch hitting or switching to lefty fully once I'm ready to swing - whatever month that is. I played baseball 15 years and switch hit for 13 of them. semi ambidextrous I suppose. I did throw left handed, though I could throw some right handed too I have a long swing and I was in the process of drastically shortening it, especially my drive. however, I'm thinking once I'm able to play ill start driving, playing my woods and maybe even my long irons left handed with a long swing to protect my left shoulder and the mid/short irons right handed with a short swing I've only hit a few golf balls left handed 10 plus years ago, except for a cheap two sided putter I would switch hit then - I learned to play with my dads right handed clubs. has anyone ever switched? what kind of advice do u have? should I just mimic my right hand swing left or switch it up? my baseball swings were different on both sides. do u think there will be a huge learning curve with a golf swing since I'm experienced on the right side already. also, has there ever been a switch hitting golfer that played with left and right handed clubs in the bag. thanks

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I finally started hitting plastic balls left handed a little over a week ago. Im only doing a limited amount of swings while im rehabbing my left shoulder. Im swinging some RH too, I just use 3/4 back swings rh and soft downswings on both sides. I only have an old LH 7iron that ive had to practice with. i dont like the clubs set up it puts my hands way in front of the ball at address, but im working with what i have.

I ordered two LH clubs from 3ball, A LH Driver and a LH 3 wood for about 60 bucks, that according to fedex will be here tomorrow, so im looking forward to hitting some more plastic at a fence.

My left hand expierence so far: Ill hit some flush, some seem to push off left, a couple of tops that shoot off to the right and a few fat hits - your standard beginners tale . When i do swing correctly though, it feels so smooth and nice, which i could see it myself. i gotta get a recording at some point.

my shoulder is probably another few weeks from being able to hit the course, but soon. ill have at least my LH driver and 3 in my bag and RH clubs for the rest for now - until at least xmas and a couple of LH 3/4 hybrids. I have a double sided putter but its rusted and separate LH and RH putters, im not sure which to go with at the moment. Back in the day I always felt better hitting long putts LH and 20 in RH


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I got my LH driver and wood in yesterday and introduced that to my training.

They are a Cobra S9-1F Driver and Matching 3 Wood - Damn these things are light. They are demo clubs I got for around 30 bucks each. They look brand new; being LH models maybe they didnt get much use at all.

My Left Handed 7 iron has been good today after building off the last few swings last night. However, switching over to the Driver has been a hiccup. After just finding a good iron downswing then switching over to new driver swing is a bit frustrating - tons of miss hit plastic balls for sure. Also, I notice for whatever reason my grip Isnt as solid with the Driver sometimes; Its like my left hand goes weak and my right hand neutral. With the Iron they are both neutral - it may just be the grip on the club IDK.

The Cobras are a tad bit offset to draw and I find it a little weird to have a closed face at set up. If i want to fade the ball how should i play this offset?

Its fathers day in oz tomorrow and the old lady said maybe i should go to the range. Normally, I'd jump at it but since im rehabbing my left shoulder idk. It would be nice to see some ball flight with real balls using these clubs and not just plastic balls shooting 10 feet into a fence


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hit the range today for a normal bucket, things went better than expected. I did get a lot of confused looks from ppl while i was switching back and forth from RH to LH etc.good thing i was hitting decent enough.

While I did hit a couple of bad slices from the LH driver, maybe 5 bad slices, 1 fat, a few thin, but most of them went fairly straight to a left push with a tiny fade, which were annoying. If it werent so far left (25-40m) of my target I wouldnt mind the soft fade.

Considering I have a offset draw club, i didnt hit any draws. maybe its the way i set the face at address, or my swing path - idk. the face is slightly closed but not by much. I was carrying it from 200 meters to 250+ meters (276yds). Basically the same distance as a healthy RH shoulder drive.

I hit only a few right handed. PW, 7, and the driver. im only carrying 200 meters with the RH driver now, but its basically a soft swing. I carried a few 250+ meters but i was really turning into it and backed off not wanting to make my hurt shoulder worse. since the goal is to hit drivers LH, I backed off and just hit LH drivers. I did notice all the soft swinging helped fix the issues i was having RH before getting hurt on going on the DL

I left on a positive note, so im excited about where the future will go LH, Ill hit a bigger bucket next sat while i continue my rehab, then the week after i'll bust out the switch hitting on the course.

Other than hitting myself by accident with the club and leaving a welt above my ankle, after pulling a tiger you suck after slicing it, all went well - even the shoulders did okay.


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    • That is what I was wondering when taking the practice stroke.  If I make a mark with the practice stroke in the rough or on the fairway...is that a penalty?  Because I see people doing that all the time...but since I am looking at where my divot/brushed grass was pointing as a reference point...is that illegal?  If I wasn't using it as a reference point would that be then legal?  That seems like some murky waters.  People are touching the ground on practice strokes all the time...
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    • Got a chance to take some on course video over the weekend. I should do more of this to get a better idea of what my actual swing looks like. I still need to get a new smartphone tripod and I can start vlogging again. Angles are a little off but nothing crazy. Driver   Stance is maybe a hair on the narrow side. The swing looks better than the results would indicate. I really thought I was still getting the club past parallel and across the line. Irons/Wedge   I didn't get a face on of a full iron swing so I'm posting this flighted wedge instead. Not exactly the same thing but it will have to do for now. Big takeaway on the swing is I'm still swinging too far right with the clubhead a little underplane and too shallow. I've been having some low point issues and it seems to make sense. Miss is still on the toe and an overdraw or a push, although from watching my videos again I realized that I still aim to the right, so I think my pushes aren't even as bad as I think they are, only that I'm already lined up right of target to begin with. I'm going to have to change my pre-shot routine to incorporate better aiming. Pitching   I included the full speed video of my pitching because I wanted to look at my tempo. Still pretty Fruit-Ninja-y. Putting Figured I'd take a putting video. This was on the 18th green, after the face on video of my driver and the flighted wedge, so a mini vlog of sorts. I'm trying something out where I hold the putter with only my right hand and then hold my whole hand with my left for stability. I was playing around with distance control because I tend to leave lag putts way short and I noticed that my left hand in the double overlap grip kind of acts as a brake on the stroke. Putting the hands together lets the putterhead pendulum better under its own weight. As you can see I definitely didn't leave the first putt short and the speed on the second putt was perfect. My putting in general has improved since I've gotten adjusted to my putter modification. Aim is a lot better and I'm hitting my lines which is leading to better results on mid-length putts. I also need to read long putts better, just kind of lazy about it, but I'm leaving some second putts longer than they should be because I'm not reading the first putts and aiming properly. I do like the grip change though and I think once I get used to that, the distance control will be better. I have some thoughts on the full swing but I'll hash them out later. Maybe 
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