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USA Ryder and Solheim cup teams?

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Blitz28179    0

Ever notice that USA is getting no production by the "veterans/experiened players" in the last mens ryder cup in chicago and this weekend in the solheim cup in colorado?


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mchepp    258
This is an interesting question indeed. I thought the MVP or as I put it the Co-MVP of the American squad at the Ryder Cup was Phil Mickelson. Save Justin Rose making a BOMB on 17 he would have been undefeated. The other candidate was Dustin Johnson and not sure if one would qualify him as a veteran. Still Phil played extremely well. Tiger was struggling with his game and also ran into a Belgian birdie machine. Furyk was okay, if his partner Snedeker, had played a bit better he might have had a better record, Stricker was awful, so there was certainly some good and bad play by the vets there. Solheim Cup, Brittany Lang is probably my MVP for the American side. She is a vet. Wie actually played okay, in fact I thought she even played well against Hedwall she just couldn't make a putt. Still she was not bad, Creamer was awful, Kerr looks to be hurt, and Stanford is a disaster in that tournament. So on the whole, yes the vets were pretty bad. But in truth the whole team was bad. They lost by 8 points. Still my conclusion would be mixed on whether or not the vets are not playing well in match play events. Both MVP's were vets, but yes probably the stinkers (Stricker and Stanford) were vets as well.

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GaijinGolfer    84

In terms of Solheim Cup, American players havent been the best in quite a number of years.  Just be glad that its USA vs Europe instead of USA vs Asia; or else the Americans would NEVER will the Solheim Cup.

In terms of Ryder/Presidents Cup, I feel like its a matter of attitude.  The Euros have had a chip on their shoulders in recent years, which is something that the USA hasnt had.  I hope things turn around soon because Im sick of seeing team USA lose.

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