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Best hockey vid

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I like this one.

Or this one:


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The called shot.


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    • We can turn this into a drinking game, anytime Trump says "Believe me," take a shot!  It's going to be a looong night!
    • Thanks for the interest and suggestions.  I've found a place in San Diego that has coffee from around the world. It is located in the downtown area in Barrio Logan (Logan Heights). It is called Cafe Moto. They have a back room where all the machinery is kept and the coffee is ground on the premises.You watch from an observation area through a glass wall.  You can buy it in small packages or up to 5 pound bags, whole bean or custom grind.  They also sell just about everything imaginable in the way of grinders, french presses, mugs, coffee makers, utensils. Out on the streetside, is a very small retail type coffee shop. Its a neat experience visiting. 
    • interesting analysis on fivethirtyeight.com about the impact of debates on polling and the eventual winner.   http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/trump-may-have-more-to-gain-from-the-first-debate-than-clinton/ Debates are usually interesting because so much pressure is on the candidates to not screw up.  
    • I don't really think about how fast the group in front of me 'should' play - I'm only concerned that they are keeping up with the next group (2some, single, 4 some - doesn't matter).  It's an interesting take on it - but I don't think I'd want to do that, I don't want to play someone else's game and I'd like people to not try and play mine. it worked out.  glad you got through and could play at a pace more in line.  I know slow pace can really affect my game.  I usually try to find a course (I look at the signup) and try to find more empty courses just so I can play at a crispy pace.  Else I have to find things to keep distracted between shots.  which stinks blue skies - you seem to sincerely really want to figure this out and not just get internet validation - I think that's cool
    • 3 rounds this weekend.  Including 2 on Sunday with courses I've never played before both gems.  The second a last minute Hot Deal I walked in on. Driving - I've been on fire.  From Hole 16 last week through the first round on Saturday Plus 3 'bonus' holes on Friday (replayed a par 3 because it was slow and then went and played 10 and 11 again before the rain came in). I hit 31 Fairways  (including pars 3 I count if on the green or very near....this is just so I can keep count in a lazy way).  So unusual.  Friday's game is the very first time I've hit 18 of 18.  I think it payed off big.  by the 2nd half of the first round on Sunday, I started missing left a lot - clearly getting tired or unfocused.  You can see the FH hit stats just drop over the rounds (Gopher Hills I played back 9 first). And I found about 5 dozen golf balls scrounging around. This weekend was my 'zone' play, empty course, fast play and still able to go into the woods and scrounge.  Both Sunday games I came away with most of the balls, and still played both rounds in under 3 hours.  Fall play is great.
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