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NS Pro 100 shafts?

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i just won a set of 775's with them in it...how are they? will i need to re shaft?

how flexible are they? my comp isnt working all that well right now..so i cant really search, or do much on the i net right now..

i swing around 80-85 mph.

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I have the same irons with the NS-Pros and I can't recomend them enough. Your swing speed is similair to mine and i think that you will have a great experiene with them.

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i just won a set of 775's with them in it...how are they? will i need to re shaft?

I bought the 775s when they were first introduced. I chose the NS Pro shafts. I've been very pleased with them. I am especially enamored of the short irons. I feel very confident at 100 yards and in with the gap wedge or even a knockdown pitching wedge. My swing speed and handicap are in your neighberhood and I hope these thoughts are helpful.

And speaking of your question as to whether you should reshaft, my question to you is this: have you swung the clubs and hit balls with them? None of us in this forum can tell you if you should reshaft. Only you, perhaps with the assistance of a professional fitter, can answer that question based on your performance with the clubs as you have them, now. The only thing we can tell you is how we hit the clubs, which may have little resemblance to your experience. In some cases, that may be a good thing, as Martha says. Regardless, you need to get to a range and give them a try. See how you hit them. You may love them or, maybe, you may not. Experience will win out. Good luck.

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i play ns pro shafts.. dont have my clubs with me, but i believe they are 1030's. they're great shafts, like them way more than the "dynamic gold" crap on my vokey wedge right now.. gettin ready to switch that one out too.

and like shortgame85 said, go hit with them! we may love them, but you may not like the feel of them, depending on the weight of that shaft and other factors. i called the dynamics "crap" earlier, but i think they just feel crappy to me now that im used to my ns pros. the only insight i can give to your question is that they are good quality shafts.

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    • I am not sure. Maybe 10-12 years old. I remember when I purchased them, I told myself they were the last  set of irons I would buy.  My fairway woods are probably 7, or 8 years old.  My putter is the great grand pa in my bag. I also have a couple of loose iron clubs that are pretty old.  Both my irons, and woods still serve me quite well. They are quality stuff. 
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