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  1. That's not true. I don't give absolute weight to "18 > 14" or 15 but it's a "valid argument." Just not one that sways me. There is, both theoretical and actually practical. At the same time, the odds of a strapping 25-year-old from Siberia becoming a world class golfer are also lower than from, say, Florida, so the practical is much lower than the theoretical. Yes. @klineka quoted an old post I made, and I was reminded of things like 49 players in Q-School and stuff like that. Stuff I'd looked up once but have long since forgotten since nobody's made a compelling (to me) argument in favor of Jack since.
  2. iacas

    NFL 2019-2020

    Every year I am more and more out on the NFL and last night doubled or tripled that rate.
  3. @jlbos83, you can always edit the round on a computer.
  4. https://support.apple.com/keyboard-service-program-for-mac-notebooks Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro - Apple Support Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro
  5. Gas would be about $100. You can do lodging and meals for well < $150.
  6. I got it to review but have thus far declined. I thought the watch could just be nearby, and would show info, but you have to WEAR it to track the shots. That's basically a non-starter for me.
  7. If you're actually an imposter, that's not what that is. Imposter syndrome is feeling like you're an imposter even though you're not.
  8. I think you'll understand a bit more of where many of us are coming from when you read the third section of LSW. I'm not trying to stump for it, or anything like that. You've already got your copy. I think, though, you'll see what we mean by "it's a solved problem" and so on. Truly. That doesn't mean that it's 100% solved all the time for everyone, and it doesn't mean that if you choose to hit a 3W and go for it that you wouldn't, in that ONE specific case, have been better laying up. But again, I think you'll see what we mean by "solved problem." You can also just skip ahead and read that section. 🙂
  9. I've had maybe one tag ever fall out using Gorilla glue silicone. This stuff: I say maybe because it might be 0. It's not ≥2.
  10. I agree and think that’s the ideal combo. I priced one out the other day and am interested in bigger laptops again since I’m not using my desktop anywhere near as much anymore.
  11. Yes. Thank you. You’ll enjoy it.
  12. I have a few students from WV, but they're in the northern regions. 5 hours would be a bit too much. I'm sorry you've had some horrible experiences. I hate - more than you I'd wager - bad golf instructors.
  13. The speakers are INCREDIBLE and the keyboard issues, which you've missed out on, have been fixed. These current keyboards suck. I'm almost tempted to spend $3300 to get a new 16" just to get rid of this keyboard (2018, 13"). As it is I think I'll just take it in to get serviced, but I have to find a down week for that.
  14. As do I. I got 10 early last week… you should check with them, as your copy may have been lost in the mail or something?
  15. You won't regret signing up. It's the kind of thing that makes you feel good about being a golfer.
  16. It is, as this long-running topic that I merged your post into will attest. Subscriptions Archives - The Golfer's Journal The foundation of our reader-supported model. Personal and gift subscriptions delivered direct to your door. Please use that link - you and I will each get an extra issue tacked on to our subscription.
  17. Remember, we didn't really address that part just yet. We kinda hinted at it, but 95% of it was the other stuff. You use the YouTube app on the phone to upload it.
  18. That's really not as bad as you're making it out to be. If you upload directly from the camera roll from your phone, I believe it will be in slow motion.
  19. I've bolded a few of the things that I think people are overlooking. These may be MORE important than the "helps you shallow it in transition." Heck, not everyone needs to shallow it, but a lot off people need more of those two bold things. Tour Striker PlaneMate [Pre-Order] - Tour Striker SOLD-OUT The Tour Striker PlaneMate is a GAME CHANGER. Pre-Order now to make sure you're part of the next wave! Estimated to start shipping out in early January. Get yours by clicking that link, and pre-order yourself a (late) Christmas present.
  20. Yeah, because he's letting himself swivel. Nobody's saying the arms "floating in space" would contribute power, but the arms acting off a stable platform provide the majority of the power. For most people anyway.
  21. I was reminded elsewhere that this was Billy Mayfair: From this article: Undercover Tour Pro: Cheaters Are Hard To Catch, But We Know Who They - Golf Digest ‘There are maybe 20 guys who deliberately fudge their mark within a half-inch.’
  22. Agreed. This is bull: Uhm, Billy, follow the f***ing Rules. Yeah, by you, Billy!
  23. You have to shallow (the arms) from 4 because you're so "up" at 3.5-4, which then stalls the pivot a bit. I'd love to see the arms a bit shallower/deeper at 4, so you could likely have the feeling of the arms coming down as you pivot as hard as you want from 4-7, 8. You'll note how almost "square" you are at impact here, with the shoulders almost still pointing to the right slightly.
  24. I've messaged with Chris about this a little. I've told him it's the best instructional show Golf Channel has aired in years, maybe ever. It's a smart guy, Chris, talking pretty directly with coaches in their language, without dumbing it down too much. The Gankas episode (the first one?) blew through a ton of good info without dumbing it down. The Xander episode, IMO, was one of the weaker ones, as was the Faxon one, because they mostly talked about only their feels. The Grant one was good, and some of the others have had some good high points. This type of stuff isn't often seen on places like Golf Channel, because they tend to try to dumb things down for the 65-year-old 15 handicapper out there looking to break 90 more often or something, with Blaire both providing eye candy for the dirty old men and playing the role of the instructional stooge. Highly recommend watching this.
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