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  1. A stupid distinction (IMO) that's actually easier than what Tiger did in holding all four at one time with the eight-month gap in between. Two wins isn't "close" IMO. Even if you want to stick to the "calendar year" thing, winning three is better than winning two.
  2. Tiger came closer than anyone. He won all the events within 365 days (a year) and held all four. Brooks hasn't won the Masters OR the British Open. That's not closer than Tiger. Not at all.
  3. You don't have to, but the reference point exists regardless of whether you mark it or not. Marking it makes sense so you don't accidentally play a ball that bounces an inch forward or so, which is technically not a legal drop if it bounced forward of the reference point (the point on the line back from the hole where the ball first touches the course). Which is what your last sentence says. But yes, no, there's often no actual NEED to mark the reference area, so long as you drop in the area. If you know it went into the cart, it's not a lost ball, no.
  4. He nearly won the Open and the PGA last year. Troll.
  5. No. Not gonna happen. It’s on you to avoid the topic.
  6. Rule 9 is about a ball at rest moved. This ball wasn't at rest. Look at Rule 11.
  7. No, because the strength/depth of field is many orders of magnitude better now than when Vardon was playing. He had to beat like, what, three people?
  8. Tough to vote as many people will have slightly varying definitions.
  9. It's a narrower shoe, for sure. I know what you mean, particularly compared to some of their other shoes (and especially compared to the original Tours). I got them in 10.5 because the length is good. I understand what you mean about the width. It's definitely a bit narrower. But since the length fits me, I'm keeping these. That leather stuff on the inside will likely "slick up" a little bit. It's definitely "sticky" right now; I know exactly what you mean. I use a shoehorn, so slipping them on was a bit easier. (I use a shoehorn mainly to make things easier AND to protect the heels of my shoes from crunching them, not because I like to squeeze into too-small shoes.) The "sock fit" liner definitely "shrinks" the "opening" (I don't know what the shoe terms are called - the "mouth" of the shoe?), which means you have less room to slide your foot forward before pushing your heel down. That's true across all of the recent shoes (I don't use the shoehorn for the Knits… but those heels can't really be "crunched" anyway) with the SockFit liner. I think they're going to be a GREAT teaching shoe for me, for example, with enough tread I can play a semi-serious round of golf in them at a moment's notice. BTW, I asked a TRUE guy, and he said: They’re a solid shoe for sure. I found the same thing with mine; had to size up. They tend to run a little on the smaller side. Since it’s leather, they’ll break in like a good baseball mitt and be super comfy for your feet.
  10. See the new 2019 Rules of Golf and the likely enacted Local Rule for league and casual play. Two strokes, drop where you think the ball is lost or behind there, on an arc all the way to the fairway. Search time is limited to 3:00 in 2019, too. Thing is, the game is about hitting YOUR BALL into the hole. When you lose YOUR BALL, you don't and shouldn't just get to fluff another ball up in some place where you "think" it should be. Few people lose the ball in the fairway. Hit it there. Uhm, again, use the Local Rule for 2019. But add two strokes to your score when you do. You're going to bring up race? And again… 2019 Rules. This topic is from 2015, too, btw. I'm glad you bumped an old topic, but… we had 24 pages of discussion on it back then. Many of us won't be horribly excited about re-starting the discussion. 🙂 We'll just refer to the comments we already made. This topic is from 2015, too, btw. I'm glad you bumped an old topic, but… we had 24 pages of discussion on it back then. Many of us won't be horribly excited about re-starting the discussion. 🙂 We'll just refer to the comments we already made.
  11. It should apply to anything you order from them, but you don’t need that thing and I recommend just kneeling on a towel or something.
  12. Same as every year. It’s light out until almost 10.
  13. It just loads a web view of the handicap rules site.
  14. They’re paid to play them too. So no it’s not unbiased. I play nothing but PURE Grips.
  15. None of the recent posts are on topic. OT commentary ends now. @garyt enough straw men. This isn’t a topic “for RSS users only” so nobody has even violated your definition of what’s rude or not.
  16. I didn't "reaffirm" anything. You've been asked repeatedly to show your swing. Until then, and until we can see that, I'm just pointing out that you could very easily be swinging left, producing fades and 25% of the time slices with your driver, and pull-fading your irons so they go far but low. It's pretty common, and 7-irons go straighter than drivers. I'm only "reaffirming" facts here - it's highly unlikely that your "fix" is going to be changing the shaft. And I'd wager a good sum that you're swinging left with every club in your bag. That's not "re-affirming" anything, because it's a guess based on… wait for it… not even having seen your swing. Why? Because you don't want to show us your swing? What are you reading? You're just trolling at this point now. We have a winner.
  17. So you make sweeping claims about what “golf pros” would do based on your experiences of the last week? And you still haven’t posted your actual swing? Okay dude.
  18. Huh? First, fading your driver every time sounds great. Definition of a pattern. Slicing on the other hand, most often, has nothing to do with equipment.
  19. It’s likely more to do with walking than your golf swing… no?
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