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  1. At the moment mine are Non alcohol; Diet Coke, Cordial of almost any flavour Alcohol; Fat Yak Pale Ale, Babbling Brook Sauv Blanc
  2. Happily floating between AUD$1.29 - $1.49 for quite some time here in Adelaide. It's different in other states. Makes me sick thinking about the $0.38c per litre tax...
  3. Hey everyone. I must admit, I've always been a golfer SECOND and a musician FIRST! lol I used to play in bands but work got in the way (as did apathy and a lack of success). Can I please share with you a web site that I have just launched to house my musical links and what not. http://www.yellowmegaman.com As you can see by my post count and 'member since' date, I'm not merely advertising here... My style has always been mostly influenced by hard rock and metal bands. I would love to hear what you think, or if you make music of your own! If you fee
  4. I hit my 3W just as erratically as Driver, or any other club in the bag for that matter! Like many people, I tend to only use what I need off the tee in regards to distance to the green, avoiding bunkers etc. I'm not a big hitter, but I do play with one guy in particular who can pump it. He's always between a 1 or +1 hc, and I find it interesting that we lay up on opposite holes. Some holes I hit Driver and he's hitting 3W or hybrid, then on shorter holes he's hitting Driver (trying to reach, I guess) where I'm hitting 3W or 2i.
  5. I could play maybe 4/5 times a week if I REALLY wanted to. I usually play 1-2 times, occasionally 3, but I'll probably play less now that I'm focusing back on my music.
  6. I voted Luke Donald. He had such an amazing year last year I think he's earned favourtism. I don't think Tiger will be able to get close enough. Yeah if he won like 8 tournaments he might go close, but Luke will be winning as well... The most likely to knock Luke off #1 for mine is Rory.
  7. Shot my handicap today (13) so not too bad. Only one black number (double or worse). Had 5x 3-putts... One day I will not 3-putt and I will win the comp by about 5 shots! lol
  8. SCRATCH THIS... The other day I realized that I was neglecting my music in favour of mediocre golfing... So my readjusted goals for 2012 are; Practice less, but play about the same Take golf less personally, but still aim to improve if only slightly Shoot a new personal best Putt per hole 1.8 (2.0) Putt per GIR 1.9 (2.2) Win a Thursday or Sunday comp! Complete my album and be at least half-way through my second one by years end!!! I think that about covers it!
  9. When the R5's and R7's first came out they were AUD$1195....
  10. 36 Crazyfists. Can I get a "HELL YEAH" from all you Alaskan nutters?
  11. Not that I get uber depressive or anything, but I'm a career bachelor, live alone, totally not wealthy etc, so yeah, I tend to enjoy the drink from time to time. The times are getting further and further apart (live alone, remember? got bills to pay!) But tonight, I'm on the ol' Wild Turkey, 86.8 proof. It gets the job done.
  12. The way I deal with "shot-affecting-rough" is to try to come down steeper, really hitting "down" on the ball, trying to minimize the amount of grass I have to hit through... Same swing (basically) perhaps a little bit narrower and higher, but everything else stays pretty much the same.
  13. Holy friggen crap, Erik! I just tried this with a few dry swings as it is (checks time) 11:19PM. The feeling was unbelievable! Can't wait to try this on the range (of sorts) tomorrow. Coupled with straightening my right leg (lefty) this felt REAL solid. To be clear, are you trying to feel like you don't bring you shoulder any closer, or are you trying to feel like you push your shoulder down a little?
  14. Me; R - Writing R - Throwing/Bowling (cricket) L - Golf L - Batting (cricket, whatever) R - Putting (this is new) L - Foot kicker I do have limited ability to do all of the above on the opposite side. I used to be able to throw pretty well at the stumps from close range with the left hand (indoor cricket etc) I can swing right handed, in fact, a LOT of people say I have a better right handed swing, although there's ZERO power in it I think. My new favourite shot is the right handed chip with my left handed SW turned over so the toe is leading to the ta
  15. I'd never seen it before. I watched it as a video suggestion for another video. I guess this is the sort of thing the "clear key" is supposed to help with when trying to hit a ball!!
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