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  1. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2nd generation. They are a lot cheaper than all of the other golf pride grips and quite frankly I think they are the best. Very tacky and last forever. They also look pretty nice too.
  2. Ping 4 series. New for this year. Best bag that I have ever owned. It is also the equivalent to the Ping Mascot bag which can be customized for college and highschool teams or for clubs or any other purpose.
  3. I am 6'4 and got fitted for my irons and wedges to be bent 2 degrees up. I have never heard of anyone bending in either direction more than 3 degrees. 5 seems like a lot. If I were you I would go back to another fitter and ask them if the lie angles of your clubs are correct. They should put tape on the bottom of your club and have you swing on a board to find out. It is always better to have 2 different opinions just to be sure.
  4. Many people are saying that the RBZ is the longer of the drivers from TaylorMade because it is replacing the burner line which was Taylormade's lighter and longer driver with unconventional head shape leading to increased swing speed so yes the RBZ should be longer, but you won't know if it is for you until you hit both of them to compare.
  5. I would recommend the Revenge as well. Based on the information you gave us it seems like it would fit you best, but there is no substitute for having an Oban dealer fit you personally. This is right from Oban's website: The Revenge Series was designed with a moderately softer tip and butt section while maintaining a stiffer mid-section. This stable, yet responsive shaft is best suited for the golfer with a smooth consistent swing and a softer shaft load. To answer your second question- as long as you pick the right flex for your swing speed than no you don't have to
  6. I definitely can. Especially when I go from a rubber tee at the range to a plastic tee or wooden tee on the course. I wouldn't say I have been conned when I only payed $7 for 50 tees that will probably last me longer than 500 wooden tees will last you. Also, I will enjoy the tees flying backwards.
  7. Awesome. I have Mizunos too... loved them since the day I demoed them.
  8. Nice job taking my words out of context. Also, they do fly back more than other tees how would you know if you've never played them? I've never had tees that fly 6 feet behind me after my shot, and these definitely do. Also if you can't feel the difference between tees when you hit your obviously not that great of a player.
  9. I mean I've only played 9 holes with them, and the one that broke was probably because I used the long one for an iron shot and hit down on it really hard, but supposedly they don't break at all.
  10. So I went to GolfSmith the other day to exchange a hat for another hat. I got a nike one which by the way is awesome looking and very comfortable. On the way out I saw a box of 50 Epoch golf tees for only 6.99 so I thought why not give them a try. I asked a couple people at the store what they thought of them, and they said they were great and that a lot of people come in and buy them. I was still skeptical since I had never heard of them before. The $6.99 box comes with 40 3 1/4 inch tees and 10 1 1/2 tees. I played with them yesterday, and only used 2 tees for 9 holes. My first one broke aft
  11. Penta- you might want to look at the 906f4 as well. These have a shallower face, and are a lot more easy to get into the air off the fairway and rough. As far as the 906 vs. vsteel goes they are both great 3 woods, but it seems like the Titleist is probably the way to go.
  12. I play for my highschool team too, and am thinking about getting a rangefinder. I would definitely get the one without scope. This will let you use it in matches and in other tournaments in the summer. I'm thinking about getting the Bushnell Tour V2.
  13. I was thinking about getting a RAC Z TP, not the standard RAC.
  14. Yes my club fitter will do all that. Thanks for the input guys I think I'm going to go with the R9 because I was puring that every time I hit it, and I am able to open or close the face which I like. Also I can switch shafts in and out really easily with it.
  15. Thanks for the input guys. I'm leaning towards the R9 460, but I'm not positive yet.
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