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  1. A 40 on a par 32.. had no 6's on the score card.. 17 puts. It seemed like i was topping about 50% of my shots.. luckily my wedges made up for my iffy shots
  2. If they are your favorite ball and got discontinued, I'd suggest stocking up on them off of ebay while you still can
  3. I'm so siked I was able to go today.. It was 62 degrees, but its supposed to snow tomorrow . Anyways, I'm just glad I was able to get a round in I shot a 38 on a par 32 course
  4. a nike sasquatch bag, after my taylor made bag broke :(
  5. Most likely I'm going to go get a mallet today.. still undecided on which one to get, though.
  6. my 9-iron.. i love hitting it, it's been the only club which has set me up for my staggering 3 birdies
  7. I have both a Nike and Callaway.. the Callaway is great for bump and runs, and I use the Nike primarily for anything
  8. You cant go wrong w/ the ball all the pros use, and the Nike Ones are awesome golf balls
  9. http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...6082#post56082 Yep, going about 20 or 30 rounds this summer, on a par 32 course I shot a 39 with one birdy, and no doubles. I know it probably doesnt count to some of you, but I'm still happy :)
  10. What's the latest club you added to your bag? Here's mine Except a 50 degree. Hit it for hte first time on the range today, and it actually goes a lot higher than my SW
  11. Mine isn't, but the one I'd like to get next year is... what does it mean to be confirming? Is it not allowed?
  12. The slingshot is the best club im my bag IMO. It's very forgiving, I can hit it about 180-190 not even warmed up yet. I have a 2H which I believe is a 17 degree hybrid. Definatly give it a shot!
  13. Yeah, you're basically putting your hands more toward your front foot, correct?
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